“Love is the Strongest Magic” – 15 Ways to Express LOVE

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I thought it would be fitting to share with you a tiny excerpt from a chapter in:

ADVENTURES IN FEYLAND: Books from Bitter Frost Series launching soon!

This is one that talks about How to Express Love (Feyland-style):

1.    Cuddling


Cuddling Together

2.    Bike Together


Biking Together

3.      Blow Bubbles Together

 Blowing Bubbles

4.    Cook Together

 Cooking Together

5.    Watching the Sun Set Together

 Watching Sunset Together

6.    Eat Together

Eating Together

7.    Fight Against Storms Together

Fight Rainstorms Together

8.    Escape from Kelpies Together

Fight Against Kelpies Together

9.    Fight Against Minotaurs Together

Fight Minotaurs Together (1)

10.                       Dance like a Vampire

Dancing As  Vampires

11.                       Climb Mountains Together

Climb Mountains Together

12.                       Explore Tunnels Together

Going Through Tunnels Together


13. Sail Across the Sea of Dead Together

Sailing Across the Sea of the Dead


14. Kiss Each Other Even as Zombies

Sharing a Kiss As Zombies

15.            Save Each Other 

Saving Each Other

“Love is the Strongest Magic” – Bitter Frost (Frost Series #1)

All is possible when you face obstacles against all odds, together.


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