Kailin’s Kreed of Konduct or How to Tre

Kailin’s Kreed of Konduct or How to Treat a Woman with Good Self Esteem and Confidence #OctoberIsBullyAwarenessMonth #OctoberIsBreastCancerMonth #KailinGowGoGirl #SelfEsteemForWomen “If you treat me with respect, I will respect you back. If you treat me professionally, I will treat you like a professional. If you treat me well, I will treat you well, too. It is as Simple as That. But if talk badly to me or behind my back, treat me without respect, treat me disparagingly (especially if you are a vendor, and I know that you charge different prices or treat another client better for the same price – discriminating service) or if you slander me because you are disgruntle since I didn’t give you a job, couldn’t accommodate you into a signing event, confronted you for something you did that was wrong; it is called having dignity, having good self-esteem, and having confidence to drop whatever toxic relationship I have with you and Not be a glutton for punishment. A woman and a girl with good self-esteem will not be a masochist. She knows when to speak up for herself. She knows when to cut toxic relationships out of her life. She knows not to sponsor people or organizations who don’t appreciate the sponsorship. She knows who and what to appreciate. Personally and professionally. Good and long-lasting relationships depend on mutual respect and expectations. I write about relationships all the time in my novels, and many of them are flawed but the hero and heroine work through it. But in the end, they always discover a mutual respect for one another. That’s the HEA. Make your own HEA by cutting out and standing up to bullies, removing toxic relationships out of your life, and finding relationships of love and respect for life.


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