Excerpt from FREE FALL 3 releasing in th

Excerpt from FREE FALL 3 releasing in the box set FREE FALL SERIES, this Tues. 11/10.

From Nat’s Point-of-View:

Summer said, “Sometimes Nat, I wonder how you’re too good to be true.”
I felt like blushing. A harden man like me blushing was unheard of, and I wouldn’t be caught dead blushing in front of my men at my compound. But only Summer can make me blush. Only Summer has ever known me as a scared, desperate kid growing up. “Still clinging to a perfect image of me, aren’t you, Summer?” I teased. “You haven’t seen me when I wasn’t that good.” My voice took on a deeper tone with some gruffness as I lowered it and said into her ears, “I’ve been very bad, Summer, so bad every part of me is classified as a lethal weapon.”
Summer suddenly shivered next to me, and it wasn’t even cold where we stood. – FREE FALL 3, in The FREE FALL COMPLETE SERIES box set. http://ow.ly/i/ejowR http://ow.ly/i/ejoxW


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