Dear Readers, With Christmas in Paris, I

Dear Readers,

With Christmas in Paris, I feel as though I’ve come full circle to the purpose of why I became an author in the first place. It all started 14 years ago when I believed I absolutely must fulfill my dream of writing and publishing a meaningful book to help others if there was anything I must do without regrets. When 9/11 occurred and push me to finally go for it, that’s when I became an author and publisher, delving into the world of book publishing without much of a roadmap. Because of the timing for me to publish immediately, I forego a traditional publishing contract in order to publish my series, with proceeds donated to the American Red Cross, and a reference guide for middle grade children to find help in understanding 9/11.

The result was a book series about extraordinary girls who uses their gifts to help people and their community deal with the psychological and emotional impacts of tragic events in history. The first book, Lucy and the Liberty Quilt, was an instant bestseller, and the series was then recommended by the U.S. Mental Health Association as well as mother’s organizations, The PTA.

Now my original first readers have grown up and are reading my YA, Adult Contemporary, and even steamy thriller books, which I have written with my readers in mind. It just so happens that my characters from the Master Chefs series were impacted during childhood by 9/11, which had psychological and long-term effects. Taryn was in middle grade in New York when it happened, and Errol was visiting from France with his parents.

The result of this story became an organic storytelling of hope and love despite a tragic past and a devastating present. And how love, strength, and humanity can prevail.

Hope you enjoy this special standalone.
Sincerely with Love,