Excited to have some well-known faces ma

Excited to have some well-known faces make an appearance on AUTHOR A PARODY tv series to bring awareness on bullying, esp. “Mobbing”, which is a bullying tactic used by unscrupulous people to drive their competitor out. In publishing, it is when an author (indie or trad) manipulate reviews of another author’s books by having her minions place 1-star reviews on a competitor’s books, while in that same review, recommending the unscrupulous author’s book instead. Some go further and have an SEO expert pretend to be a blogger to write a scathing hate blog with made up stipulations against the unscrupulous author’s rival singling the victim author out for accusations aimed towards a vendor instead. Hating her way to the top & becoming a NY Times bestseller through mobbing not only is antitrust, anti-competition, but hurtful to authors who don’t play dirty, to the consumers, and to the book/entertainment industry. I am grateful for the support of actors and my production crew for bringing this to scene soon. I promise some of the issues brought up in Author A Parody will be informative yet entertaining at the same time. AUTHOR A PARODY, coming soon! http://ow.ly/i/gbHDw

Happy to Announce Author’s Voices is No

Happy to Announce Author’s Voices is Now called Citizen Author and will be active this year with some planned amazing events, dedicated to Social Awareness and Community Service. As Founder and President of this organization, who became an author back in 2001 with my first book series, designed to spread the message of hope and community after a devastating event in history, Citizen Author is an organization of authors who pledged to be socially mindful of their books and actions as an author as good citizens and ambassadors of the world. For example, Christmas in Paris by Kailin Gow, was not only a love story but a story promoting love and peace in a time of tragedy. Website coming soon with ways as an author to join, readers and organizations who will get a list of these authors, and upcoming events for Citizen Author. http://ow.ly/i/g2k0M

Been so busy in the past 6 yrs.getting b

Been so busy in the past 6 yrs.getting books out in time for my lovely fans to read, I didn’t know there were a few really ridiculous rumors on internet. Such as I had plastic surgery. Really? For what? I’ve never & I would avoid it like the plague, since you can barely get me to the dentist office. I guess this is some kind of back-handed flattery? Especially when it comes from other women. In order to empower women, women have to stop being judgmental of other women. I’m headed back to my college days when I once hosted a women’s radio show and explored women’s issues with my new tv show, Kailin Gow’s Go Girl. Coming soon this Spring right after Author A Parody’s 1st Season ends! As for ridiculous rumors I am now finding, I have a few answers for them, right on my kailingow.wordpress.com blog. http://ow.ly/i/fWuhE

Happy to be Celebrating the 13th year an

Happy to be Celebrating the 13th year anniversary of Bitter Frost, Feyland, and the Introduction of the Winter Prince Kian and his mother Queen of the Winter Kingdom this year. Fairy Rose Chronicles was the first of the Feyland and Bitter Frost Series first introduced in 2003 through paperback. It was another middle grade series Kailin Gow, writing under a pen name, introduced to teen girls following her successful debut with the fantasy middle grade series, The Gifted Girls, which was recommended by The U.S. Mental Health Association and PBS Kids.

In 2016, Kailin Gow is happy to announce the re-print of Fairy Rose Chronicles in paperback and also an adult coloring book series. http://ow.ly/i/fLVlP