Been so busy in the past 6 yrs.getting b

Been so busy in the past 6 yrs.getting books out in time for my lovely fans to read, I didn’t know there were a few really ridiculous rumors on internet. Such as I had plastic surgery. Really? For what? I’ve never & I would avoid it like the plague, since you can barely get me to the dentist office. I guess this is some kind of back-handed flattery? Especially when it comes from other women. In order to empower women, women have to stop being judgmental of other women. I’m headed back to my college days when I once hosted a women’s radio show and explored women’s issues with my new tv show, Kailin Gow’s Go Girl. Coming soon this Spring right after Author A Parody’s 1st Season ends! As for ridiculous rumors I am now finding, I have a few answers for them, right on my blog.