Excerpt from BLUE ROOM CONFIDENTIALS Vol. 2 (releases Monday 2/29) by Kailin Gow. Vol. 1 is available now for only $0.99 this Friday until next week.

“So, this is what my meaningful work has come to. A woman dead because I tried to interfere. Because I tried to change her life.
And suddenly, it hits me.
I can’t unbreak the world. Anymore than I can unbreak myself. No matter what I do at Shelter House, no matter where I go, no matter how hard I try, the world will keep on being as cruel and as unforgiving as is feels today. Innocent people – innocent women will die – and no amount of my well-intentioned kickboxing lessons will change that. All I’ve done is make everything else worse.
No, I think, fury rising within me. The only way that men will change – men like Gordon, men like my mysterious husband (for by now I’m sure that it must have been my husband who tried to kill me), men like the domestic abusers I see every day – is if I make them. It’s not enough to teach women to defend themselves. I have to go on the offense. I have to hit them where it hurts.” – Jaymie from Blue Room Confidentials Vol. 2 http://ow.ly/i/h55OS