Happy New Year New Start! To celebrate n

Happy New Year New Start! To celebrate new starts, today is the release of my animated TV Series, Super Supers! Enjoy! http://ow.ly/bvzm307zyoA



Kailin Gow SPEAKING and CONFERENCE EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: Honored and blessed to be chosen to be a speakers at an international conference in 2017. This is in addition to my International Speaking tour in 2017 re: Kailin Gow’s Go Girl – Women Leadership, Lost History & Empowering Girls for the Future. And an International Women’s Conference is also in the works, which my group is organizing 😀 This conference will be open to men and women because Men (fathers, grandfathers, teachers, pastors) as well as women (mothers, grandmothers, teachers, counselors, etc.) are our daughters’ role models.