Just completed this meaningful and heart

Just completed this meaningful and heartfelt Documentary Film called Unforgiven Unforgotten and entered it into the Film Festival Circuit.

Dallas Texas has lived under the shadow of tragedy for over half a century, yet as Author and Filmmaker Kailin Gow has found, has a connection to the tragedy of 911 and has emerged as a beacon of hope, healing, tolerance, and diversity in recent times. http://ow.ly/i/Hjzf7

So proud of Kay Bailey Hutchison for bei

So proud of Kay Bailey Hutchison for being a strong woman and role model. She is now the Ambassador to NATO, a powerful position in the world. She is the most gracious, classy & intelligent lady I’ve met. When I was starting out as a young author, I was honored to open and introduce her on stage at the Texas Book Festival. She wrote me a letter later thanking me & saying she enjoyed my children’s book The Gifted Girls. That was how gracious she is. And now she is literally helping to change the world for the better. http://ow.ly/iV1c30kUGjm

Just wrapped up a radio interview on Bob

Just wrapped up a radio interview on Bob Gurley’s Issues Today Show, Syndicated all over US. We talked about the #MeToo Movement, and I am glad to say that it isn’t just about women, but men too, as harassment is not about gender but about the abuse of power. Show airs Aug.!

Here’s a quote for Independence Day – “

Here’s a quote for Independence Day –
“I may seem smaller than I look, but what people don’t know about me is that I once weight-lifted my own weight when I was in high school, ran more miles than anyone else in Physical Education in my class in high school, and was trained by a Shaolin Kung Fu monk while being the only girl in class. I am also trained in archery and firearms. So when it comes to being physically small or petite and even looking like a girly girl; it doesn’t matter. I am strong. I am awared and disciplined. And I can leverage the playing field because I am trained. – Strong by Kailin Gow

Congratulations to my Co-Author Finlay G

Congratulations to my Co-Author Finlay Gow for Co-Writing what is now America’s #1 Bestselling Book on Parenting and Relationships – Raising A Strong Daughter: What Fathers Should Know. Thank You to All Who has supported us and bought a copy of this book. It was really written from the heart for all parents to have a guide to help you keep your kids, especially girls safer through knowledge of what they can do to become a tougher target, how to handle real life situations, etc. It was also written from my perspective for my husband and family to know in case I am no longer around, and what I would want my own daughter and nieces to know. If you haven’t gotten a copy, get one now before the price goes up after this week! http://ow.ly/hIiU30kN37o