Beautiful Beings


Beautiful Beings

An ethereal exclusive boarding school with unearthly beautiful students…

Lux, a rebel girl, who has been seeing demons and angels since she was two…

Asher, the bad boy on a motorcycle who sketches angels…

Brax Kingsley who instantly captures Lux’s eyes when she moves into the neighborhood…

And the Hatchett twins whose parents were murdered, leaving them a ridiculous fortune…

All brought together…all part of the puzzle behind the Beautiful Beings.


Love love love this new book from my favorite author. There is mystery, lots of danger, and romance in Beautiful Beings. I enjoyed Kailin Gow’s fairy series Bitter Frost immensely and found Beautiful Beings to be my new favorite. Lux is the kind of girl who just don’t care what people thinks of her. She is fiercely loyal in protecting the ones she love. She is a bad$ss fighter, but does want to belong. I love the urban fantasy world of Beautiful Beings. – Jessica “Lost in a Good Book”

Heaven and Hell (Beautiful Beings #2)

Fall 2011

Books Available through:, Barnes and Noble, Borders,, Books-A-Million, Book Depository, Mysterious Galaxy, and where Books are Sold.

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Beautiful Beings Series

8 thoughts on “Beautiful Beings

  1. Hi Kailin,
    I read so many of your books. The Pulse series (Love it!), Fade, the new Fire Wars, the Frost series, the Stoker Sister series and Wicked Woods series.
    I loved the first Beautiful Beings and I preordered the second when I preordered the first. I got the first from Amazon, but they said they could not get the second and canceled it. Please tell me where I can get it!
    The Steampunk Scarlett looks good, so I will give that one a try.
    I am a Fresh Fiction Reviewer and I will review your book on there. I have to ask for permission for a Reviewer comment. I could just comment as a reader, but the Reviewers are better.
    I Need Beautiful Beings Book 2, please!

    • Heaven and Hell (Beautiful Beings #2) will be out in paperback soon. Sorry for the wait. We’re implementing some new interactive technology in all of our new release paperbacks, and it’s taking a little while longer than we expect. Thank you for you being so supportive 🙂

    • I read this series in a week I loved it but then I get to book 4 and nothing what the heck? Where is Angel Mark And why on earth is it so hard to find? This is pure torture!!!!!!!

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