Beware of Stalkers

Teens:  For those who have ever experienced cyber stalking and harassment, here’s a tip for you.  Keep good notes, records, snapshots and conversations.  With those trails, which the cyber stalker is unwittingly leaving and making it darn easy for you to have evidence, you can have something on them.  This is especially true of those who spew hate posts all over the internet to harass someone.

Even as an adult woman, I was once horrendously cyber stalked and harassed constantly through all my social media – from Twitter, from Goodreads, from Amazon, to Facebook and to my home by a voracious fan of another author who mistakenly and falsely believed my book series was just like hers (although there are many series like both of ours) out there, and created a stalking and harassment campaign.  Although that author was accused of plagiarism when her book was just like another author’s book.  She was harassing another author while accusing me of doing the same thing she was.

It turned out the stalker/harasser of mine for over 4 years now was a social media specialist and big fan of this author.  She also was hoping to get a job with Harlequin for helping this author stalk and harass me.

Here’s  a tweet this stalker sent out to the universe – a lot of hateful negative energy.

Book Lantern Blog Owner Kayleigh Anne Extremist Tweet


Which will all come back to her.  What is put out comes back.  So if you put out negative hateful energy, it will follow you. For those who like following miserable people who hate humanity, then humanity will hate you back.  Namaste.