Book Discussion Questions for Teens and Young Adults

Hey guys! Just to let you know…there are discussion questions available to delve deeper into the issues presented in these books, although each book can be read on its own for pure enjoyment and entertainment,  All the books I’ve written for The EDGE will contain edgy issues meant to bring up discussion for teens and young adults. By definition of edgy teen books, these issues are normally not found in mainstream teen books, but are more mature in nature.  I have intended these books to include elements meant for the purpose to bring about discussion and hopefully to help bring about understanding in these areas. Issues such as bullying, sibling rivalry, dating, sex, gaining independent, self-esteem, and self-confidence, among other serious topics are touched in some of my books.  I won’t give you the answers to these questions, nor will I provide you with all the details and description of how a character should act or react to a certain situation. Authors should leave some details out of the book in order for readers to use their imagination, use their inference and analytical skills to discover the answers on their own.  Everyone has their own opinions, their own interpretations. I’d love for you to make your experience with my books your own as well.

Check out some of the discussion questions here:

Daughters of Dracula: The Stoker Sisters Book 1

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