Discussion Questions for The Phantom Diaries

The Phantom Diaries:  Book 1

Discussion Questions

1. Annette is away from home for the first time, living in New York, on her own.  Have you ever lived on your own before? When and what was your first experience like to live on your own?  How did you feel?

2. Have you ever experienced or felt an instant attraction to someone? Do you believe in love at first sight? Can you explain this attraction?

3. How important is it to have passion in your romantic relationship?  Are there other qualities and factors you look for in a relationship?

4. Annette deals with a lot of pressure once she becomes the star of the opera.  How does she deal with it?  Does she get support from anyone?

5. With Annette’s meteoric rise to stardom, other cast members have shown jealousy. Is there a way Annette can diffuse this jealousy? Should she even try?

6. Who should Annette be with – Eric, Chace, or Aaron?

7. What qualities of each men do you think attracted Annette to them?  Which one of them is absolutely essential to her relationship? Which ones are absolutely essential to your ideal relationship? Would you compromise any of them?  Should you compromise?

8. Who would you cast in the role of each character – Annette, Chace, Eric, Aaron, and Judy?

9. Music evokes emotions and passion.  Here it draws all the players together into a plot that is thick with drama and passion. Have you ever been so moved by music as to forget where you are? If so, what kinds of music transport you to another place, another time?

10. Who would you choose? Which man fits your ideal type? Eric, Chace, Aaron, or no one at all?

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