The Stoker Sisters Book 1: Daughters of Dracula – Discussion Questions

The Stoker Sisters Discussion Questions

For Teens and Young Adults

1.       Sadie and Alexis Stoker are from Jane Austen’s time period. Sadie is seventeen, while Alexis is nineteen. Sadie dreams of being a writer like Jane Austen, but worries that being a woman, she would not be allowed to pursue her dream as a writer. Were young women of Jane Austen’s time period encouraged to become writers? What were the options Sadie and Alexis have as young ladies of marriageable age of this time period?

2.       Sadie and Alexis were educated by a tutor named Delilah. Did girls go to school at this time period? What did they study?

3.       Did young women from a proper family have a choice on who they can marry or was it arranged?

4.       Lord Ashwin presents everything that rebels from the careful sheltered life the Stoker Sisters have lived in Dorset, England. What qualities do each sisters love about Lord Ashwin?

5.       Sadie and Alexis are well-read young ladies. They are always reading and discussing books throughout the book. They compare Lord Ashwin to Mr. Darcy from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Lord Ashwin seems to be attracted to both sisters. Which sister do you think he truly loves?

6.       Why are Sadie and Alexis terrified of rogue hunters? Are rogue hunters dangerous not only to vampires, but to humans, too?

7.       Can vampires be good? Is it within their nature to be destructive and deadly?

8.       Did Bram Stoker present Dracula as the Dracula whom the Author came to know through her real-life encounter with Dracula’s descendants, his people?

9.       Sadie and Alexis have always been rival sisters, opposites in every way. What makes them come together in this book, and what makes them fight tooth and nails with each other? Do you think they will ever come together as supportive sisters?

10.   Keegan appears to be a normal friendly high school boy at first, but there are many signs showing he isn’t what he seems. Is love blind? Is Sadie and Alexis blind to what Keegan is because of their love for him? Is he blind to what they are because of his love for them?

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