Taste of Tuesdays Teaser: Excerpt from Extra Scene (Deleted Scene) in SAVING YOU SAVING ME for Stories for Amanda Anthology

I was incredibly honored to be asked to be part of an anthology of extra or deleted scenes/stories  for an anthology that was to benefit the Amanda Todd Foundation, against bullying.

The anthology is called, Stories for Amanda, and it will be published in October by Telemachus Press to commemorate the one year anniversary of Amanda’s death.  15 amazing women authors (Karen Avivel, Kahlen Aymes, Claire Contreras, Kelly Elliott, Karina Halle, HB Heinzer, Nina Lane, Raine Miller, E.L. Montes, Alexa Nazaro, Jessica Lee Prince, Madeline Sheehan, Michelle Valentine, and Nikki Worell),and I have volunteered their time and given their stories (deleted or extra scenes) from their bestselling books in adult or new adult books to this worthy cause.

Stories for Amanda Anthology

100% of the proceeds will benefit the fight against bullying through AmandaToddLegacy.org.

Included in this anthology is my story called, “Saving Snowflakes” which is an extra/deleted scene from SAVING YOU SAVING ME, which is my new adult series that started the online Saving You Saving Me Project.

Here is the teaser/excerpt I promised from that story, which goes further into Samantha (Sam) Sullivan’s traumatic past, which Derek, her friend who wants to be more than friends, tries to get her to confront:



by Kailin Gow

I woke up to a stream of sunlight blinding my eyes. And Derek lying across from me on a bed. His bed. In his dorm.

“Derek!” I screamed into his ear. “What happened? Why am I in your bed?”

Derek turned his body towards me and smiled a lazy smile. “You crashed this morning. Completely knocked out.  So I dragged you back to my place for you to sleep. It’s the closest place to Sawyer House, and I didn’t want to wake up your family at your house.”

“But why am I in your bed?” I asked.

“There wasn’t anywhere to put you,” he indicated how small his dorm room was, and scratched his head.  “Besides this is the most comfortable place for you to sleep.”

“But why are you sleeping next to me?” I asked.

Derek grinned. “I would say because there’s nowhere else for me to sleep in here, and because it’s my bed, but the honest truth was, Sam, I wanted to be next to you.”

I backed away from Derek and got out of bed. “Derek…we didn’t…”

“As much as I wanted to, Sam, no. I was a complete gentleman. I won’t take advantage of you like that. No, my single mother taught me too well, the lesson of taking precaution and all that.  Besides,” he narrowed his eyes. “If you and I had done anything, I’d make sure you were fully aware of it and moaning the night away from my lovemaking skills.”

“Oh Derek,” I said, “This looks bad. I shouldn’t have stayed over.”

“Why would it look bad, Sam? We’re two consenting adults over eighteen, and if we choose to be together like that…”

“No, no, no, Derek,” I said, shaking my head. “That’s the thing, we didn’t do anything, but it looks like we have, and…”

“Look Sam,” Derek got up. He was shirtless and wearing only boxers.  I couldn’t help looking at his well-defined abs and toned chest. It was the first time I’ve seen him without a shirt on, and he was pretty hot. His wavy brown hair was messier than usual with a just-gotten-out-of-bed look, and he had a small growth of stubble. “It’s no secret I really like you.” He came over to me and held me by my elbows as he looked into my eyes. “I know you’re stuck on Collins, whatever hold he has on you, but I’m going to try to win you with whatever chance I got, too. I know you’re special. From day one when I saw you with Gail during orientation at Sawyer House, I knew I really wanted to get to know you better. You’re not only an exquisite beauty with the most gorgeous face and body, but you’re smart, funny, fun, and cool.” He bent down and kissed me gently on the lips, “and taste amazingly delicious.”

He increased the pressure of his lips on mine and used his tongue to open mine further, to taste more of me. “Oh,” he groaned, pressing tight against me, so tight, I could feel him getting more and more excited as he led me to the edge of his bed and lowered me down so I was lying on my back while he kept kissing me on my lips. His mouth devoured mine, as his tongue stroked my tongue.

I was delirious. Collins McGregor was the only man who I’ve felt comfortable touching me. He and I had even gone so far as to almost doing it, but Derek…Derek somehow ignited something in me, too.  In another way, more familiar, more gentle and safe.

While Derek kissed me… there was a buzzing sound coming from my purse.  It pierced through the air like a screaming hawk. Derek tried to ignore it, while he continued kissing my stomach, making his way up my ribs. “I want to make you more comfortable, Sam,” he said. “You are always so tense when I touch you either on the shoulder or even when I pat your back. There’s something about you that makes me want to break through that barrier.”

“Derek…I’m not so sure if this is a good idea,” I said, remembering my barrier. As much as I was enjoying his mouth on my skin, and his hands exploring me, in the back of my mind, I could only imagine Collins’ hands on me and his skillful sexy mouth on me, making me writhe with desire. “Derek,” I pulled myself up, surprising him as his head came up to stare into my eyes.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, a little disappointed.

“I can’t do this,” I said, “And I need to get my phone.  I bet my folks are worried that I didn’t come home last night.”

Derek got off me and rolled to one side of the bed to let me get up and out of bed.

He let out a big frustrated breath and got up, and started getting dressed. When he was fully dressed, he turned to me and said, “Whatever hang up you have, I’m going to get to the bottom of it. You may be a peer counselor, Sam, but you’re the one who seem to need a bit of saving yourself.”

“Really?” I asked, getting angry.  How dare he tell me that?  I was fine. Things were going great for me.  My grades were top-notched, I was graduating head of the class, I have my pick of colleges, my classmates liked me, my father was a well-respected pastor of a large congregation, and my mother is a renowned beauty queen. Everything was perfect. How dare Derek for questioning that.

“Yes, really,” Derek said angrily. “Just because you think you’re Miss Perfect doesn’t mean you don’t need saving, too. Sometimes we all do.”

In addition, to this anthology, there will be an author signing event in Vancouver, Canada on Oct. 26, which I am proud to be part of as an author there and as a sponsor. 

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Please help support this very worthy cause by telling others about Amanda Todd’s legacy and the tireless fight Amanda’s mother Carol Todd is forging to help bring more legislation to safeguard against bullying and cyber-bullying by adding this anthology to your Goodreads shelf and more.

Again, all proceeds from the sale of this anthology will go towards this the Amanda Todd Legacy towards this fight.