THE FADE SERIES OMNIBUS Wins the IBPA’s Benjamin Franklin Digital Awards Silver Honoree Award

I am doing the Happy Dance!  I was just told that my FADE OMNIBUS (FADE Series Books 1 to 4) won the prestigious and book industry recognized Benjamin Franklin Digital Award as a Silver Honoree in 2014.

FADE Series Omnibus - med

The Benjamin Franklin Digital Awards from IBPA (Independent Book Publishing Association) recognizes the “Best in Class” in digital publishing with judging criterias measuring the standards of excellence in content/story, writing, design, technology,  and more.   I am honored to have a winning series recognized by the IBPA as a “Best in Class” book as the IBPA is a well-respected organization in the book industry that has helped establish standards in book publishing for decades.


The FADE Series OMNIBUS is An Explosive YA and New Adult Dystopian Thriller Romance Omnibus

With over 900 printed pages!

5 out of 5 Stars – “The beginning of this book grabs you right away and you cannot put it down!” – Ashley @ Step Into Fiction

5 out of 5 Stars – “Fast-paced and Crazy Unique!” – Liberty Ann

5 out of 5 Stars – “Thrilling and mind boggling series. Fade introduces readers to a concept that is out of this world.” – Woven Myst

From the International Bestselling Author of the ALA YALSA Reader’s Choice Nominated Winner in Fantasy and Sci Fi FROST Series and The Loving Summer Series comes a Dystopian and Apocalyptic Action Adventure Love Story that Defies All Odds…

What if you found out you never existed?

“My name is Celestra Caine. I am seventeen years old, which makes me a senior at Richmond High. I never thought this would happen to me, but it has… I’m one of those people you see every day, go to school with, remember seeing at the supermarket or the mall, and then one day you don’t hear about them any longer. They’re gone, and eventually, you forget them.”

Omnibus Contains the Complete Series

Falling (FADE #2)
Forgotten (FADE #3)
Fever (FADE #4)

This is a YA Dystopian Thriller appropriate for age 16 and up.




Beyond the Books: The Social Impact of Books – The Fire Wars, Saving You Saving Me, and Loving Summer

Yesterday, I found out my YA Dystopian book, The Fire Wars, won Best Teen Book in the 2012 Green Book Festival.  This honor was especially meaningful for me since the Green Book Festival is an “annual competition honoring books that contribute to greater understanding, respect for and positive action on the changing worldwide environment.”

I had written and planned out the series for it to be entertaining (read for pleasure) mostly, and for it to be a dystopian fantasy for young adults and older.  The fact that it was set in a future world where Earth’s land had eroded to the point where all that remain are islands, and the erosion will continue unless one of the characters, the heroine Mackenzy Evers does something about it with Chance Cutter, made this book into more than a romantic dystopian, but one with a social awareness of our environment.  Based on scientific research and historical patterns of the changing earth, this world could very well be the future of Earth.

Again, I’m very honored and am now scrambling to make it up to San Francisco next week for the awards ceremony at the Drake.  It’s a dream come true to write what I write, but to win an award for it, too, is even better!  Believe it or not, I found out about the Green Book Festival last minute through’s recommended festival list.

Meanwhile, Saving You Saving Me, is making waves across the nation on national Top 15 radio talk shows (not internet radio, but radio shows with megawatts frequency, this is very impressive since I used to be a radio station host and getting more frequency was the big thing).  Most of the shows I’ve been on has been the morning drive time, and the next one, is tomorrow morning on WGAU 1340! We will be talking about bullying, abuse, self-esteem, self-confidence, the impact abuse has on children and teens, and more.

Of course, the Saving You Saving Me Project, too!  While Saving You Saving Me can be entertaining because it is a story, it’s considered realistic YA fiction, meaning, there will be social issues in there.  And many that comes up through the Call Center calls, but also in the characters’ lives because it is through helping others, through relating to others, that the characters Sam, Daggers, Derek, and other main characters will finally find their own issues surfacing.

Loving Summer, which releases later this month on May 28, is the summer beach read that is meant to be a bittersweet romance.  Without giving away any spoilers, this one tackles some issues that are more common than not, especially in the U.S.

One of my majors as an undergrad was Social Ecology, which includes psychology, criminology, ecology, and sociology so I’m very aware of societal and psychological issues, especially with individual issues that extend out to affect society as a whole.  You will find some of this in all of my books, but in these 3 books, these issues are somewhat a big part of the plot especially as it relates to the characters’ growth through the book and the series.

I could go on and on about this, but in the end, it’s about you enjoying my books, and if you do see the social growth in these books, then you’ve just made this author’s months and even years of working on these books even more special.  Thank you and Enjoy!


What an Honor! Wicked Woods, PULSE, Bitter Frost, Stoker Sisters Win 7 Awards in Fiction.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  I have some amazing news to share with you about some of my books – Wicked Woods, Bitter Frost, PULSE, and The Stoker Sisters – they all won awards in the 2nd Annual International Book Awards, along with books from St. Martin’s Press, Simon & Schuster, Zondervan, and Random House.

Here’s the article on it from CBS News.

Wicked Woods won the Horror Fiction Award and placed as Finalist in Young Adult Fiction.

Bitter Frost, PULSE, and The Stoker Sisters won awards in various categories, too, such as Romance, Multi-genre, Multicultural, and Chick-Lit/Women’s Literature.  This is quite an honor!