Photos from Kailin Gow’s Rockin’ the Holidays Indie Readers Bash!

The first Kailin Gow’s Rockin’ the Holidays Indie Readers Bash signing event at the House of Blues Anaheim Downtown Disney was both fun and successful!

Rockin' the Holidays Indie Readers Bash Banner

Several authors sold out of their books, readers had fun, the band sounded great, the models looked better in person than their photos, and the charities – Breast Cancer awareness had a great raffle while an auction for a 8 foot banner signed by all the authors to benefit a local OC battered women’s shelter was auctioned off for a very good amount.

Here are some photos taken from Kailin Gow’s Rockin’ the Holidays Indie Readers Bash’s website (managed by my team). 

So here are some photos from the event:

Authors, Cover Models and their fans party at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Room outside and inside the House of Blues Anaheim Downtown Disney was comfortably filled with readers, bloggers, authors, and cover models.

Film Crew filming at the Rockin' the Holidays Bash HOB Downtown Disney

Near the band was the Snowflake Christmas Tree, the Breast Cancer Awareness Raffle, and Gift-wrapping. Models, authors, readers milled around, while a film company for a documentary interviewed some authors.

Awesome volunteers at Rockin' the Holidays Indie Readers Bash

A few of the awesome volunteers in their Rockin’ the Holidays Event Staff t-shirts by the Banner signed by all the authors which was auctioned off to benefit a local battered women’s shelter.

Sharon Covington at Breast Cancer Awareness Raffle table

Fifty Shades of Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Charity Raffle Table

Author Kahlen Aymes at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Author Kahlen Aymes

Author Addison Moore at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Author Addison Moore

Author Kailin Gow at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Author Kailin Gow

Author Katie Ashley getting a brief moment to breathe at Rockin' the Holidays HOB Downtown Disney

Author Katie Ashley

Author Kendall Ryan at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Author Kendall Ryan

Author R.K. Lilley at the Rockin' the Holidays Bash at HOB Downtown Disney

Author R.K. Lilley

Author Eve Carter at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Author Eve Carter

Author Gretchen De La O at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Author Gretchen de la O

Author Laurelin Paige at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Author Laurelin Paige

Author Rebecca Shea at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Author Rebecca Shea

Author K. Bromberg at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Author K. Bromberg

Author Tess Oliver at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Author Tess Oliver

Authors Renee Carlino, Rebecca Shea at Rockin the Holidays Bash

Trailer featuring all the authors and models, playing the theme song from P.O.E.’s I Surrender CD played on 5 screens inside the House of Blues

More pictures from the event posted by fans and attendees at:

Group Page:



Happy New Year 99 cents Limited Time Sale!

How many of you got a reader, a tablet, or a gift card ready to burn, for Christmas?

To celebrate an awesome new year and lots of happiness, joy, and laughter coming forth….I’m holding a 99 cents sale of some of my most popular books, just for a limited time (got bills to pay, staffers to feed, etc. so can’t be indefinite), up to January 11, 2013!

New Year's 99 cents Sale Banner

So for about a week, these books on Kindle will be available for only 99 cents.  Go download them now, and if you have a friend you’ve been meaning to introduce them to these books, tell them to get them now!

9781597486163 (2)Bitter Frost9781597489829Wicked Woods by Kailin GowHeaven and Hell (Beautiful Beings #3)Saving You Saving Me (You & Me Trilogy)Loving Summer by Kailin GowNever Say Never by Kailin Gow


FALLING for SUMMER (Loving Summer #2/Donovan Brothers #1) Releases Tomorrow! 12/15 – Final Teaser and Announcement before the Release!

“Too hot for YA…” – Beta Readers of Falling for Summer is saying.
Loving Summer fans, Book 2 – Falling for Summer, is releasing 12/15! If you’re a prime member on Amazon, it’ll be available for borrowing, and if you’re a Kailin Gow fan, you’ll be the first to know Falling for Summer is releasing for a special fans-get-to-know Release Day price of 99 cents. Only for release Day.

So, get ready for Loving Summer’s sequel – Falling for Summer!


Here’s a teaser to whet your FROSTY appetite for this hot sizzling tale:
“Why not?” Drew asks. “You know you want me to be the bad boy.” His fingers are slowly trailing my arms and reaching behind my neck to unclasp the button holding the top of my dress in place. “How about I give you a little taste of what other girls see in me. Not the Drew you grew up with, whom you push aside for Nat, but the one you first met last summer?”

Drew,  Falling for Summer. Releases 12/15!

Cover Reveal for Finding You Finding Me (You & Me Trilogy) And What to Expect In Book 2 of Saving You Saving Me!

Thank you everyone for helping Saving You Saving Me become a Top 20 Teen Bestseller

New developments with this book series:  I’ve been on 2 syndicated radio shows in the U.S. talking about the issues brought up in Saving You Saving Me such as bullying, self-image, abuse, and ways we can help as a society to help kids through young adult with these issues.  The radio shows will continue, and I’m happy to be able to get the message out about

30% of teens have admitted to either being bullied or being the bully.  Now bullying is starting at an even earlier age – age 5 in kindergarten.  It’s important to recognize it, as well as take responsibility as a society when we see it happening. (More on that later).

The Saving You Saving Me Project and promotional tours has taken a lot of my time, not to mention my busy writing schedule.  So I don’t have a lot of time to read.  If I have any time at all, I’d be writing more posts or twittering lol (which I don’t do as much as I should).

So, I’m pleased to announce that Finding You Finding Me will be released earlier than originally planned.  It will be released early Fall 2012 (instead of Spring 2013).

Here is the Cover Reveal for Finding You Finding Me:

What to Expect in Finding You Finding Me:

1.  Sam will continue to be a peer counselor at Sawyer House until she goes to college.

2. Sam is going to deal with some of the issues from her past and with her family.

3. Collins’ little brother Tate will show up, and this will cause a whole lot of tension and friction.

4. Derek gets closer to Sam.

So there you have it!  Finding You Finding Me is set to release in

September 2012!  Mark your Calendars!

Merry Christmas! KAILIN GOW’S KINDLE book versions are UP to 80% Off Christmas through New Years!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Hope you’re having a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS, and got what you have wished for. If you have a Kindle or any device that reads Kindle, you may want to know of this Special that Just Started!

Just so you know…Amazon and has already started special holiday prices for my books.  The Kindle versions from the series Bitter Frost, PULSE, Desire, the Fire Wars, Wicked Woods, Alchemists Academy, Phantom Diaries, FADE, Stoker Sisters, and more are up to 80% off!!







Good News! Kailin Gow Bestselling Books now On Sale on Amazon! So fill up your Kindle and Enjoy the Lazy Days of Summer!

Prices have been cut just for Summer, thanks to’s Encouraging Summer Reading promotion.

Here are the books where prices have been cut. Click on the title for more information on each book series:

Wicked Woods is now $2.99!

Wolf Fey is now $.99!

Pulse is now $.99!

Life’s Blood (PULSE #2) is now $2.99!

Blood Burned (PULSE #3) is now $2.99!

Rise of the Fire Tamer is now $2.99!

Daughters of Dracula (Stoker Sisters #1) is now $2.99

The Alchemists Academy #1: Stones to Ashes is now $2.99

The Phantom Diaries is now $2.99!

Shy Girls Social Club is now $2.99!

At these prices, you can get well…3 or 4 rather than 1 of the $9.99 books.  And at the regular price of $4.99, you can get 2 rather than 1 of the $9.99 books.  Many of these books are bestselling books, have been well-reviewed, and won awards.

Happy Reading, and Remember, you still have a chance to enter the Reading Marathon and 25,000 AAdvantage Miles Contest.  Most of these books are the first books in the series and count as double points!