Taste of Tuesdays Teaser: Excerpt from Extra Scene (Deleted Scene) in SAVING YOU SAVING ME for Stories for Amanda Anthology

I was incredibly honored to be asked to be part of an anthology of extra or deleted scenes/stories  for an anthology that was to benefit the Amanda Todd Foundation, against bullying.

The anthology is called, Stories for Amanda, and it will be published in October by Telemachus Press to commemorate the one year anniversary of Amanda’s death.  15 amazing women authors (Karen Avivel, Kahlen Aymes, Claire Contreras, Kelly Elliott, Karina Halle, HB Heinzer, Nina Lane, Raine Miller, E.L. Montes, Alexa Nazaro, Jessica Lee Prince, Madeline Sheehan, Michelle Valentine, and Nikki Worell),and I have volunteered their time and given their stories (deleted or extra scenes) from their bestselling books in adult or new adult books to this worthy cause.

Stories for Amanda Anthology

100% of the proceeds will benefit the fight against bullying through AmandaToddLegacy.org.

Included in this anthology is my story called, “Saving Snowflakes” which is an extra/deleted scene from SAVING YOU SAVING ME, which is my new adult series that started the online Saving You Saving Me Project.

Here is the teaser/excerpt I promised from that story, which goes further into Samantha (Sam) Sullivan’s traumatic past, which Derek, her friend who wants to be more than friends, tries to get her to confront:



by Kailin Gow

I woke up to a stream of sunlight blinding my eyes. And Derek lying across from me on a bed. His bed. In his dorm.

“Derek!” I screamed into his ear. “What happened? Why am I in your bed?”

Derek turned his body towards me and smiled a lazy smile. “You crashed this morning. Completely knocked out.  So I dragged you back to my place for you to sleep. It’s the closest place to Sawyer House, and I didn’t want to wake up your family at your house.”

“But why am I in your bed?” I asked.

“There wasn’t anywhere to put you,” he indicated how small his dorm room was, and scratched his head.  “Besides this is the most comfortable place for you to sleep.”

“But why are you sleeping next to me?” I asked.

Derek grinned. “I would say because there’s nowhere else for me to sleep in here, and because it’s my bed, but the honest truth was, Sam, I wanted to be next to you.”

I backed away from Derek and got out of bed. “Derek…we didn’t…”

“As much as I wanted to, Sam, no. I was a complete gentleman. I won’t take advantage of you like that. No, my single mother taught me too well, the lesson of taking precaution and all that.  Besides,” he narrowed his eyes. “If you and I had done anything, I’d make sure you were fully aware of it and moaning the night away from my lovemaking skills.”

“Oh Derek,” I said, “This looks bad. I shouldn’t have stayed over.”

“Why would it look bad, Sam? We’re two consenting adults over eighteen, and if we choose to be together like that…”

“No, no, no, Derek,” I said, shaking my head. “That’s the thing, we didn’t do anything, but it looks like we have, and…”

“Look Sam,” Derek got up. He was shirtless and wearing only boxers.  I couldn’t help looking at his well-defined abs and toned chest. It was the first time I’ve seen him without a shirt on, and he was pretty hot. His wavy brown hair was messier than usual with a just-gotten-out-of-bed look, and he had a small growth of stubble. “It’s no secret I really like you.” He came over to me and held me by my elbows as he looked into my eyes. “I know you’re stuck on Collins, whatever hold he has on you, but I’m going to try to win you with whatever chance I got, too. I know you’re special. From day one when I saw you with Gail during orientation at Sawyer House, I knew I really wanted to get to know you better. You’re not only an exquisite beauty with the most gorgeous face and body, but you’re smart, funny, fun, and cool.” He bent down and kissed me gently on the lips, “and taste amazingly delicious.”

He increased the pressure of his lips on mine and used his tongue to open mine further, to taste more of me. “Oh,” he groaned, pressing tight against me, so tight, I could feel him getting more and more excited as he led me to the edge of his bed and lowered me down so I was lying on my back while he kept kissing me on my lips. His mouth devoured mine, as his tongue stroked my tongue.

I was delirious. Collins McGregor was the only man who I’ve felt comfortable touching me. He and I had even gone so far as to almost doing it, but Derek…Derek somehow ignited something in me, too.  In another way, more familiar, more gentle and safe.

While Derek kissed me… there was a buzzing sound coming from my purse.  It pierced through the air like a screaming hawk. Derek tried to ignore it, while he continued kissing my stomach, making his way up my ribs. “I want to make you more comfortable, Sam,” he said. “You are always so tense when I touch you either on the shoulder or even when I pat your back. There’s something about you that makes me want to break through that barrier.”

“Derek…I’m not so sure if this is a good idea,” I said, remembering my barrier. As much as I was enjoying his mouth on my skin, and his hands exploring me, in the back of my mind, I could only imagine Collins’ hands on me and his skillful sexy mouth on me, making me writhe with desire. “Derek,” I pulled myself up, surprising him as his head came up to stare into my eyes.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, a little disappointed.

“I can’t do this,” I said, “And I need to get my phone.  I bet my folks are worried that I didn’t come home last night.”

Derek got off me and rolled to one side of the bed to let me get up and out of bed.

He let out a big frustrated breath and got up, and started getting dressed. When he was fully dressed, he turned to me and said, “Whatever hang up you have, I’m going to get to the bottom of it. You may be a peer counselor, Sam, but you’re the one who seem to need a bit of saving yourself.”

“Really?” I asked, getting angry.  How dare he tell me that?  I was fine. Things were going great for me.  My grades were top-notched, I was graduating head of the class, I have my pick of colleges, my classmates liked me, my father was a well-respected pastor of a large congregation, and my mother is a renowned beauty queen. Everything was perfect. How dare Derek for questioning that.

“Yes, really,” Derek said angrily. “Just because you think you’re Miss Perfect doesn’t mean you don’t need saving, too. Sometimes we all do.”

In addition, to this anthology, there will be an author signing event in Vancouver, Canada on Oct. 26, which I am proud to be part of as an author there and as a sponsor. 

Strength Through Love of Books Vancouver Book Signing Event Banner

Please help support this very worthy cause by telling others about Amanda Todd’s legacy and the tireless fight Amanda’s mother Carol Todd is forging to help bring more legislation to safeguard against bullying and cyber-bullying by adding this anthology to your Goodreads shelf and more.

Again, all proceeds from the sale of this anthology will go towards this the Amanda Todd Legacy towards this fight.

FINDING YOU FINDING ME (YOU & ME Trilogy) is NOW Available on Amazon Kindle Version! Special New Release Day Price, too!

After months of sweating and pouring over this book, it’s finally here in its UNCUT and UNCENSORED form.  It’s RAW, Steamy, has some dialogue that is heartfelt, and emotional, along with some crazy humor.

I’m proud to present:


Finding You Finding Me (You & Me Trilogy #2) by Kailin Gow

NEW ADULT (18 years and up) with unabashed unapologetic steamy scenes, panty-ripping, t-shirt-ripping, lots of ripping, and street fighting action (you’ll see…)


5 out of 5 stars – “‘Finding You, Finding Me’, is bound to provide more shocking revelations and unexpected plot twists” – Lovey Dovey Books

5 out of 5 stars – “I was impressed with Saving You Saving Me. I don’t know if I could be more of a fan girl but I just might be.” – jimac3011


Love Comes from Unexpected Places…

Samantha Sullivan, an aspiring psychiatrist, and Valedictorian of her high school, is set on attending her college of choice in the fall. But as she continues volunteering at Sawyer House, the teen and young adult crisis center, where she is a peer counselor until she goes to college, the only person who had been able to reach into her shell and pull her out, comes back into her life. Daggers, the beautifully complex boy, she counseled during her shifts at the Crisis Center.

Before she knew it, Sam is forced into an affair so intense, and a relationship so deep, she have no choice but to confront the demons from her past and with her family. She thought she could handle everything as always and on her own, but as she embarks on the road to recovery, she finds that help comes from the most unexpected places.

* This is a contemporary romance with social situations, social issues, alpha males, action, and unexpected twists. There are some fantasy elements (um…poses) in here, which are not encouraged in public or you may face getting a ticket for public indecency 🙂

JUST Released on Amazon Kindle!

On 1/11 for a Limited Time – The Shy Girls Social Club Handbook Dealing with Bullies is FREE (Kindle) – as guide to bullying issues in FALLING FOR SUMMER, and FINDING YOU FINDING ME (1/18/2013 – Release)!

Starting from 1/11 to Tuesday 1/15, As Part of My New Year’s Resolution to Help Schools and the Community with Anti-bullying, I’m Offering the Handbook on Bullying and how to work together to curb it for FREE through Amazon’s Kindle Program.

As the author of  two very strong anti-bullying fiction books, FALLING FOR SUMMER (LOVING SUMMER #2/DONOVAN BROTHERS #1) and SAVING YOU SAVING ME (YOU &  ME TRILOGY #1),  with new releases currently out and soon-to-be released, I’ve been interviewed several times on National Radio about bullying and what to do about it as a community.  I keep referencing this book, Shy Girls Social Club Handbook for Dealing with Bullies and Other Meanies – my reference guide.  I’m sincere about helping the community about this, and have even set up a real online help website called The Saving You Saving Me Project.


So, it’s being offered for FREE tomorrow, and please, if you know any student, child, parent, friend, teacher, pastor, police officer, relative, who can benefit from this, or you can later lend out the book to, download the book.

Hope your New Year’s going great!  And as a Reminder, Loving Summer and Saving You Saving Me is only 99 cents for a limited time, while:

Falling for Summer is Now Available!



Finding You Finding Me (You & Me Trilogy #2) will be releasing on 1/18/2013 – UNCUT AND UNCENSORED – New Adult for age 18+ due to Sexual Situation, Language, Social Issues (essential to the storyline of this book).

Finding You Finding Me (You & Me Trilogy #2) by Kailin Gow

Stay tune for this book’s release day to get it at the special Release Day price by joining the community at theEDGEbooks.com, where members get email reminders of upcoming New Releases!

Cover Reveal for Finding You Finding Me (You & Me Trilogy) And What to Expect In Book 2 of Saving You Saving Me!

Thank you everyone for helping Saving You Saving Me become a Top 20 Teen Bestseller

New developments with this book series:  I’ve been on 2 syndicated radio shows in the U.S. talking about the issues brought up in Saving You Saving Me such as bullying, self-image, abuse, and ways we can help as a society to help kids through young adult with these issues.  The radio shows will continue, and I’m happy to be able to get the message out about http://www.SavingYouSavingMe.com.

30% of teens have admitted to either being bullied or being the bully.  Now bullying is starting at an even earlier age – age 5 in kindergarten.  It’s important to recognize it, as well as take responsibility as a society when we see it happening. (More on that later).

The Saving You Saving Me Project and promotional tours has taken a lot of my time, not to mention my busy writing schedule.  So I don’t have a lot of time to read.  If I have any time at all, I’d be writing more posts or twittering lol (which I don’t do as much as I should).

So, I’m pleased to announce that Finding You Finding Me will be released earlier than originally planned.  It will be released early Fall 2012 (instead of Spring 2013).

Here is the Cover Reveal for Finding You Finding Me:

What to Expect in Finding You Finding Me:

1.  Sam will continue to be a peer counselor at Sawyer House until she goes to college.

2. Sam is going to deal with some of the issues from her past and with her family.

3. Collins’ little brother Tate will show up, and this will cause a whole lot of tension and friction.

4. Derek gets closer to Sam.

So there you have it!  Finding You Finding Me is set to release in

September 2012!  Mark your Calendars!

Saving YOU Saving ME Official Trailer and Announcement!

Saving YOU Saving ME’s Trailer is here!

Just released!  Saving You Saving Me has already made the Amazon bestseller lists!

#2 in Children’s Fiction in U.S. (Amazon combines Young Adult with Children’s so it’s a larger category)

#49 in Paperback!  Saving You Saving Me is a Top 50 in Teen Paperbacks Pre-Order!!!

National Radio Tours of Top US Markets Scheduled to begin VERY SOON!

Book BLOG Tours Scheduled for April 30!

Get behind SAVING YOU SAVING ME!  Be a heroine and help save lives.

Saving YOU Saving ME (You & Me Trilogy) is NOW Available! Release Party tonight w/Insight, Giveaway, and More!

Saving YOU Saving ME  Now Available

Join the Party, Website Events, and More!

Aspiring psychiatrist and high school Valedictorian Samantha (Sam) Sullivan falls for a deeply troubled young man named Daggers during a crisis call at her watch, which leads to the unraveling of her perfect world.

Upper YA and New Adult Contemporary with an EDGE.

Visit:  The Saving YOU Saving ME Project

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Comment on the Blogs that will be participating in the Saving You Saving Me Blog Tour starting April 30!

Tour Stops will be Listed soon!

Writing not as an “Author” and not as “Author Kailin Gow” but as a Concerned Parent and Citizen

Just recently, someone accused me of not being a large publisher (I represent a large publisher that publishes over 75 to 100 books a year at least) because I conversed and even stood up to a cyberbully on the internet.  I admit, I’m not one of the established old Big 6 publishers, but by volume of publication, I’m finding out from distributors and from vendors we work with, that we’re among the top 10% in volume.  And in fact, theEDGEbooks.com is in a category almost new to many in publishing. We act and work like an indie (we’re earthy and get down to the nitty gritty like an indie), yet we have big publisher volume and even have the same marketing/advertising/pr resources.  I guess that confuses a lot of people in the publishing and book world. And authors like me tend to be very interactive at the ground level just because we like people.  We’re not told to stop interacting with people, even when we become a “name” in the book industry.

And believe me, many people who are my readers or are bloggers, are just like me, and have aspiring dreams to become an author one day, like I did.  So, when I converse with people, it’s not so much, I’m an “author” and you are “blogger, reader _____ (fill in the blanks), but you and I are both people with daily concerns.

Well, everyone who has been following me know I am a big advocate of anti-bullying. I’ve written a book on it for teens and their parents, Shy Girls Social Club Handbook for Dealing with Bullies and Other Meanies.  I’m also touring on national radio about this, as well as making some video-related media about this. I’m running a workshop for girls about self-esteem issues and are facing bullying issues, too, this summer.  In other words, it’s a topic near and dear to me, and when I speak about it… it’s not about me being an “author” but me being a person – a peer, a parent, a person who want people to know that it takes just 1 person to stand up to bullying in a peer atmosphere to help the person being bullied stand up, too.

So, speaking from the heart, I stepped out of my “author” role and began speaking out against a cyberbully who has been harassing and bullying blogger and author friends of mine for months, even graphically threatening them with violence. Yes, I was also a target of these attacks.  But a brave blogger stepped out and said she wasn’t going to stand for this cyberbully (who was and still is using a fake name and blog on the internet) bashing her friends and accusing authors of false accusations.  I recently stood up with her, and yes, I did get some heat, and even been accused of not being a real author because why would I get involved in something so petty like this.

The thing is… it is not petty to me, when a friend is being bullied.  It is not petty to me, as a parent and a responsible adult when a minor, who is a blogger, is bullied on cyberspace in front of a large book industry audience.

I may not be the conventional, traditional-type author, and I don’t aim to be, if it doesn’t allow for me to be vocal against bullies and people who aid them.  Authors are thought-provokers, they are on the forefront of change and ideas.  To me, it is only natural that authors have strong opinions and thoughts about bullying as well.

And for that blogger who claimed I must not be a real author or even represent a large publisher because I spent some time conversing with her over the internet, this is what I have to say about why I do take the time to touch base with as many people as I can who contacted me:

The 5 REASONS WHY  I Talk to People Personally

Although I have a publicist or two, and even a financial and legal adviser, I get asked this all the time, why do you interact with your readers so much?

1) The answer is simply because I see many of my readers as friends.

They have read my books, understood the story, and have come to love the characters in these stories as much as I do.

I know many of my readers, I share their pain when they lose a loved ones, congratulate them on victories, go through their birthdays and dramas at home and work, and even lend a supporting hand when they’re trying to build their blogs or FB pages. So you see, in other words, a lot of my readers have become friends of mine. They read my books, and they understand me like a friend understands their friend.

People have said I should hire a personal assistant and a secretary to keep track of emails and people’s names. (I get about 100 to 1000 emails a day), and I try to respond to each and every one of them.   I tell these people it’s because most of these emails are from people whom I have already established a kind of relationship with – through reading and sharing a love of common interests.  I figure if you love my books, that’s already a big shared interest.

2) My readers are pretty darn interesting people

I know I may complain about being overwhelmingly busy (I am), but I know my readers are, too.  Many of us are juggling jobs, school, parenting, and more. I feel what you feel and know sometimes that stress can get to any of us, which is why I write the type of books that I do – fun, sometimes crazy, swept-off-your-feet romantic fantasy fiction. They’re the kinds of books I would read for escapism.  That being said, I do appreciate that you’ve spent your time reading my book (although it was a quick read lol) when you could be doing something else.

3) I know how reading can be time-consuming (I’m a reader, too) so I am pretty happy when a reader Facebook me and tells me she just read this or that book and she knows she’ll be one of my biggest fans.  I can’t tell you how incredibly touched I am when someone tells me this. It literally brings tears to my eyes.

Not only does this feel incredible, and I am honored, but I want my readers to know from the bottom of my heart, this:

4) You Make Me, an Author, feel Warm and Fuzzy, too!

When you enjoy my books and even reach out to me to let me know or even write a review about it, it really makes my day.  It makes me feel good about what I’m working hard for, and it makes my editors, graphic designer, and pr/marketing people, happy too.

5) My Readers are Not Only Interesting, but they are Fun, Smart, and Great to Hang Out with!

So, please don’t be a stranger. Come on by and say “Hi”, show up at one of the parties or contests I hold virtually once in a while, usually in celebration of a book release.  And become a Facebook friend of mine and vice versa. I really do want to find out more about you, and consider it a great honor that you’re a reader of mine.