“Love is the Strongest Magic” – 15 Ways to Express LOVE

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I thought it would be fitting to share with you a tiny excerpt from a chapter in:

ADVENTURES IN FEYLAND: Books from Bitter Frost Series launching soon!

This is one that talks about How to Express Love (Feyland-style):

1.    Cuddling


Cuddling Together

2.    Bike Together


Biking Together

3.      Blow Bubbles Together

 Blowing Bubbles

4.    Cook Together

 Cooking Together

5.    Watching the Sun Set Together

 Watching Sunset Together

6.    Eat Together

Eating Together

7.    Fight Against Storms Together

Fight Rainstorms Together

8.    Escape from Kelpies Together

Fight Against Kelpies Together

9.    Fight Against Minotaurs Together

Fight Minotaurs Together (1)

10.                       Dance like a Vampire

Dancing As  Vampires

11.                       Climb Mountains Together

Climb Mountains Together

12.                       Explore Tunnels Together

Going Through Tunnels Together


13. Sail Across the Sea of Dead Together

Sailing Across the Sea of the Dead


14. Kiss Each Other Even as Zombies

Sharing a Kiss As Zombies

15.            Save Each Other 

Saving Each Other

“Love is the Strongest Magic” – Bitter Frost (Frost Series #1)

All is possible when you face obstacles against all odds, together.


Photos from Kailin Gow’s Rockin’ the Holidays Indie Readers Bash!

The first Kailin Gow’s Rockin’ the Holidays Indie Readers Bash signing event at the House of Blues Anaheim Downtown Disney was both fun and successful!

Rockin' the Holidays Indie Readers Bash Banner

Several authors sold out of their books, readers had fun, the band sounded great, the models looked better in person than their photos, and the charities – Breast Cancer awareness had a great raffle while an auction for a 8 foot banner signed by all the authors to benefit a local OC battered women’s shelter was auctioned off for a very good amount.

Here are some photos taken from Kailin Gow’s Rockin’ the Holidays Indie Readers Bash’s website (managed by my team). 

So here are some photos from the event:

Authors, Cover Models and their fans party at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Room outside and inside the House of Blues Anaheim Downtown Disney was comfortably filled with readers, bloggers, authors, and cover models.

Film Crew filming at the Rockin' the Holidays Bash HOB Downtown Disney

Near the band was the Snowflake Christmas Tree, the Breast Cancer Awareness Raffle, and Gift-wrapping. Models, authors, readers milled around, while a film company for a documentary interviewed some authors.

Awesome volunteers at Rockin' the Holidays Indie Readers Bash

A few of the awesome volunteers in their Rockin’ the Holidays Event Staff t-shirts by the Banner signed by all the authors which was auctioned off to benefit a local battered women’s shelter.

Sharon Covington at Breast Cancer Awareness Raffle table

Fifty Shades of Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Charity Raffle Table

Author Kahlen Aymes at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Author Kahlen Aymes

Author Addison Moore at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Author Addison Moore

Author Kailin Gow at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Author Kailin Gow

Author Katie Ashley getting a brief moment to breathe at Rockin' the Holidays HOB Downtown Disney

Author Katie Ashley

Author Kendall Ryan at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Author Kendall Ryan

Author R.K. Lilley at the Rockin' the Holidays Bash at HOB Downtown Disney

Author R.K. Lilley

Author Eve Carter at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Author Eve Carter

Author Gretchen De La O at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Author Gretchen de la O

Author Laurelin Paige at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Author Laurelin Paige

Author Rebecca Shea at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Author Rebecca Shea

Author K. Bromberg at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Author K. Bromberg

Author Tess Oliver at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Author Tess Oliver

Authors Renee Carlino, Rebecca Shea at Rockin the Holidays Bash

Trailer featuring all the authors and models, playing the theme song from P.O.E.’s I Surrender CD played on 5 screens inside the House of Blues

More pictures from the event posted by fans and attendees at:


Group Page:




My Upcoming New Releases Dates – Revised!!!

My Upcoming New Releases

Revised as of 6/26/2013

August 6, 2013

Never Ending (Never Knights Series #3)

Never Ending Cover to be Reveal Cover

Neve (Never) Knight, the daughter of a rock legend, and the only young woman in a band of hot sexy guys saw her world come crumbling down right when she was at the top.

In an impossible love with her sexy British guitarist Danny Blue, against her own rule of not dating anyone in her own band, she gets the rudest awakening in her life as she gets thrown into a vicious game played by all.

Danny Blue, sexy rock star, who had hidden most of his life away from his eccentric billionaire father’s past, is torn between wanting Neve and doing what’s right for the band and for his family.

Can he give up his desire and endless hunger for Neve to save the band or would his growing love for her destroy everything they’ve been fighting for? Or will everything he has drive Neve into the arms of another or away forever?

Never Ending is the final book of the Never Knights Trilogy which explodes with emotions, wit, and all the drama of a Hollywood story in an heart-wrenching conclusion.

August 27, 2013

The Innocent (The Protege #2)

The Innocent Cover to be Reveal Cover


Secrets of the Fall (Loving Summer Novel: Donovan Brothers #2)

Secrets of the Fall by Kailin Gow

The Donovan Brothers… two gorgeous brothers in love with the same girl. How far would they fall to have her? One of them will claim her, but the other will find her. Only one can win her forever, unless their family secrets destroy everything.

After finding out who she should be with and who she wants to be with, Summer is devastated by the tragic news of one of the Donovan Brothers.

In this fourth book in the Loving Summer Series and the second book in the Donovan Brothers Trilogy; go into the minds of the Donovan Brothers and find out the shocking secret that could destroy everything they have with Summer.

Freeing You, Freeing Me (You & Me Trilogy #3) by Kailin Gow – October 2013

Freeing You Freeing Me Cover to be Reveal Cover

Blood Curse (PULSE #8) by Kailin Gow – October 2013

Dreamy Beauty

Wilde Country by Kailin Gow – November 2013

Wilde Country (The Wildes #1)

Angel Mark (Beautiful Beings #4) by Kailin Gow – January 2014

Angel Mark Cover to be Reveal Cover

Special Release for Kailin Gow Mature (Over 18) Readers: Early Release of SAVOR ME (BOOK 2: Master Chefs Series)

Today is the Early Surprise Release of SAVOR ME (Master Chefs #2)!!!!

**PLEASE NOTE: The Master Chefs Series contains mature subject matters and sexuality. For ADULTS age 18 and up**

The Master Chefs Series is about Chefs who master the kitchen as well as the bedroom…

special release day price of 99 cents!

Savor Me (Master Chefs #2) by Kailin GowSavor Me (Master Chefs #2)
Just Released!!!!
Available Now on Amazon

Giving up her dreams in Paris and returning to New York, Taryn Cummings finds herself immersed in the running of her family’s restaurant and her life as she knew it before her arrangement with celebrity Chef Errol King. As she delve back into her old life, her heart is still in Paris…along with Chef Errol King.

Devour Me (Master Chefs Book 1)

Devour Me (Master Chefs Series) by Kailin Gow

99 cents this week!

“It had super-hot sex AND a fabulous story. THIS is what erotica should always be like! Not only did this book have an amazing plot, but the cast of characters were all easy to get into. All the characters were so well done that I either wanted to hug them or slap them.” – Mama’s Reading Break

Taryn Cummings could not believe she was accepted into the prestigious International Institute of Culinary Arts culinary institute she dreamed of studying at in beautiful Paris, France. It was a far cry from her unglamorous life back home in New York where she helped her mother run their small family-owned restaurant called Sam’s. The International Institute of Culinary Arts churned out the top chefs in the world, including the wildly sexy and eccentric Master Chef Errol King, whose celebrity personality was larger than life.

She wanted excitement in a city of romance and thrills, but arrived to find her apartment barely livable and herself in need of a suitable place to stay. A chance meeting at the Institute brings her face-to-face with her new roommate…the devilishly charming Errol King, who would be guest teaching her class this term.

The attraction is as hot as the fire they cook with, and while Errol King, the notorious bad boy chef with an attitude, can get anyone he wanted into his bed, he wanted this woman more than anything. Something about her sweet innocence and sad eyes reach into his harden heart, but is it enough for him to forget his past?

Devour Me (Master Chefs #1) by Kailin Gow – Fan-made Trailer from Becca

What an Honor to be on the Front Page of Amazon.com as a Success Story!

I woke up this morning to find me profiled on the front page of Amazon.com.  As their Author Success Story.  Wow.

Kailin Gow Success Story on Front Page of Amazon on 4-30-2013

When I first became an author, I never thought I would be doing this as a living and getting recognized for something I have such a passion for:  writing books

I published my first book in 2001 as a means to help girls and teens to deal with social situations that were hard to talk to someone about by way of fiction.  By some fluke, my fantasty books and books for girls, teens, young adults, and women took off, and found a resonance with readers.

I’ve been fortunate in so many ways to get to this point. It had been a long journey filled with thrills and spills (mostly all good, though) but the revolution of KDP has helped me get there faster.

Here’s the rest of my story from Amazon, which I hope will inspire you to be more than you imagined, too!

Kailin Gow, Success Story on Amazon.com


Good News! April 11 Release Date for The PROTEGE in PAPERBACK! PERFECT SUMMER Available for Pre-order on Kindle starting April 11!

The Protege is coming!  In paperback on April 11, 2013!

The Protege (The Protege Series #1) by Kailin Gow

For a description and fun things on The Protege, visit my 18 and up blog Kailin Gow 18+ Blog   (I know it sounds like what it is ha ha just so it isn’t confusing, right?)

There will be fun stuff posted from actual site visits of Sebastian Sorensen on April 11 on this blog, as well, so go visit!

Also, on April 11 or maybe a little sooner or later…

PERFECT SUMMER (Loving Summer #2) will be available on Kindle for pre-ordering for its release on April 29, 2013!


Watch for more announcements on celebrations and parties on Facebook!

The Protege is Having an Early Release – March 25!!! Perfect Summer is Now Releasing on April 11!

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I’ve been AWOL.  I’ve been busy with some all-consuming things like moving, and renovating my old home, getting situated into a new one as well as getting office space.

But that doesn’t mean I haven’t forgotten about all of you.  My books will continue to be released, but the dates for the releases have changed.

The Protege is having an Early Release!  March 25!!! 

The Protege (The Protege Series #1) by Kailin Gow


This is an Adult Contemporary book for 18+ and up and contains sexual scenes.

To celebrate the early release of The Protege and also to give you a taste of one of the characters – Sebastian Sorensen, I have written a short flash fiction called Seducing Sebastian Sorensen for Kelli Maine’s Dolls & Doms (18+ and over) site about Sebastian, which took place a year before The Protege takes place.

Here’s the story, and you must be 18 and up to enter the site and read the story.


The Protege

She was the young promising composer in search of a master to teach her and advise her. Serena Singleton was the beautiful up and coming talent brought to the attention of the eccentric, famous, and wildly wealthy Sebastian Sorenson, one of the foremost and most talented composers in Hollywood and in the Academics field. A chance encounter brings them into an arrangement that turns out beyond their expectations and desire, testing their boundaries.  Who is the student, the protege, and who is the teacher? Nothing is as it seems in this romantic exotic thriller.

Perfect Summer is now releasing on April 11!


This is for New Adult and is told Mainly through Summer’s eyes (If it was from the Donovan Brothers’ this would be Adult)

Two hot brothers, one steady and secured, groomed to take over their family’s billion dollar enterprise. The other, a rising football star whose body is well-known to women of all ages in print and in person. Both in love with the same woman, whom they can’t have – Summer Jones, their sister’s best friend since childhood, and the girl they promised to protect.

She’s never been so lost in her life, following the tragedy that rocked her steady and secured life. Always the perfect girl, the good girl who does everything to take care of everyone else, she’s now the one who’s fallen too far. Not Drew, not Nat, and not even Rachel. She knows she has to choose and make a decision. She knows she has to do the right thing, but as she decides with her mind, her heart rebels. Her desire for both Donovan brothers has grown insatiable and an addiction so much so that lines are blurred and nothing is clear. Just when everything seems bleak and hopeless, comes a revelation so deep, that what seems far from perfect becomes perfect in what turns out to be the Donovan’s most perfect summer.




RELEASE DATES UPDATE: Kailin Gow Falling for Summer Uncut, Uncensored Version w/Bonus – 2/12/2013

Hi Everyone!

Due to the more mature themes in the Uncut and Uncensored Version of Falling for Summer, and a whole new BONUS scenes; the date of the release for this new adult/contemporary adult version will be 2/12/2013.

9781597480734 - uncut


Perfect Summer’s Release Date has changed to March 11, 2013! 


Get set for some parties, interviews, chats, and more!

Help spread the word about the new date changes with Falling for Summer and Perfect Summer

Change in Release Dates ANNOUNCEMENTS and UPCOMING PLANS – Falling for Summer (Loving Summer: Donovan Brothers) – To Be Released December 15, 2012

Hi Everyone,

In the airlines industry, sometimes a flight gets delayed or a flight gets canceled due to special circumstances.  Well, in the ever changing book world, especially in indie publishing, that can apply, too.

As you know, and the fans/readers who have been following me on Facebook know where I do post things that are personal, I’d had a few family emergencies (father in hospital), and even a personal illness that came about afterwards, and then my editor’s family issues, that pushed writing to the back for a while.  I set out some deadlines earlier for Falling for Summer and for Finding You Finding Me that are tentative, and it looks like if all goes well, the delay for these two books will only be a few weeks.

Another reason for the delay for Falling for Summer is that I am going to provide 2 versions of Falling for Summer, or rather, an excerpt. Falling for Summer because of its POV from the Donovan Brothers can be pretty steamy to the point of being adult, but in keeping with the series being YA-Mature and New Adult, parts of Falling for Summer is being rewritten.

Hope this gives some of you more choices, as I know I have a mixed audience reading my books, and the Loving Summer Series is for age 16 and up.

Falling for Summer will be for age 17 and up and classified as YA-Mature/New Adult still.


Finding You Finding Me (You & Me Trilogy) has been moved to December 26, 2012 as well.


Due to the same circumstances.  Fortunately, what will release and has already released are the following, and I’m blessed these even got a chance to get released on time!!!

Just Released!  Hope you’ll be able to get a copy of this final book in the Bitter Frost Series!    This conclusion says so much about love and the ups and downs of it in real life. Although Bitter Frost is like a fairy tale, this series deals with real issues told in a way that will hopefully resonate with people going through some of the issues Breena, Kian, Logan, and Rose are going through.

DISCUSSION SHEETS and LEADERSHIP GROUPS and Group/Bookclub Materials for this Series will be available soon!  We are also looking for Women and Teachers who would like to start their own self-esteem/leadership group locally for teens and women, using the Frost Series books.


FEVER (FADE #4) is the Final Book in the FADE Series – my dystopian thriller series set in the future.  I’m really excited about this conclusion, and think it says a lot about hope for humanity and faith in love.  Releases DECEMBER 3rd!





The NEVER SAY NEVER (Never Knights Series) Music Video with singer AJ Rafael is Here!

So excited to finally bring to you this collaborated effort between AJ and me.


Here’s the description of the music video:

This is a music video spoof from AJ Rafael and Kailin Gow honoring the 80’s great musician Robert Palmer and other musicians who helped paved the way for music today. Music is still the vehicle of communication and expression it was back then as it is today. AJ Rafael’s Music Speaks brings awareness of the power of music for Autism awareness, while Kailin Gow’s Never Say Never books shows the power of music to heal, grow, and transcend gender roles.  AJ’s nephew has autism, and Kailin’s daughter was diagnosed as being on the spectrum but has recently been diagnosed as no longer on the spectrum. Enjoy!

View the Robert Palmer Simply Irresistible Video so you can see how gender roles has changed!

These guys in the Never Say Never music videos are so awesome and secure in themselves, they help to bring forth the message to other guys and to women, too, that:

“Real Men Are Secure In Themselves.

They Never Use Force.”


This is a message found in the Never Knights Series with Never Say Never being book 1.

What happens when a hot, but strong young woman takes over a band full of hormonal heartthrobs?  – the book series Never Knights is what happens!