Photos from Kailin Gow’s Rockin’ the Holidays Indie Readers Bash!

The first Kailin Gow’s Rockin’ the Holidays Indie Readers Bash signing event at the House of Blues Anaheim Downtown Disney was both fun and successful!

Rockin' the Holidays Indie Readers Bash Banner

Several authors sold out of their books, readers had fun, the band sounded great, the models looked better in person than their photos, and the charities – Breast Cancer awareness had a great raffle while an auction for a 8 foot banner signed by all the authors to benefit a local OC battered women’s shelter was auctioned off for a very good amount.

Here are some photos taken from Kailin Gow’s Rockin’ the Holidays Indie Readers Bash’s website (managed by my team). 

So here are some photos from the event:

Authors, Cover Models and their fans party at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Room outside and inside the House of Blues Anaheim Downtown Disney was comfortably filled with readers, bloggers, authors, and cover models.

Film Crew filming at the Rockin' the Holidays Bash HOB Downtown Disney

Near the band was the Snowflake Christmas Tree, the Breast Cancer Awareness Raffle, and Gift-wrapping. Models, authors, readers milled around, while a film company for a documentary interviewed some authors.

Awesome volunteers at Rockin' the Holidays Indie Readers Bash

A few of the awesome volunteers in their Rockin’ the Holidays Event Staff t-shirts by the Banner signed by all the authors which was auctioned off to benefit a local battered women’s shelter.

Sharon Covington at Breast Cancer Awareness Raffle table

Fifty Shades of Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Charity Raffle Table

Author Kahlen Aymes at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Author Kahlen Aymes

Author Addison Moore at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Author Addison Moore

Author Kailin Gow at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Author Kailin Gow

Author Katie Ashley getting a brief moment to breathe at Rockin' the Holidays HOB Downtown Disney

Author Katie Ashley

Author Kendall Ryan at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Author Kendall Ryan

Author R.K. Lilley at the Rockin' the Holidays Bash at HOB Downtown Disney

Author R.K. Lilley

Author Eve Carter at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Author Eve Carter

Author Gretchen De La O at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Author Gretchen de la O

Author Laurelin Paige at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Author Laurelin Paige

Author Rebecca Shea at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Author Rebecca Shea

Author K. Bromberg at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Author K. Bromberg

Author Tess Oliver at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Author Tess Oliver

Authors Renee Carlino, Rebecca Shea at Rockin the Holidays Bash

Trailer featuring all the authors and models, playing the theme song from P.O.E.’s I Surrender CD played on 5 screens inside the House of Blues

More pictures from the event posted by fans and attendees at:

Group Page:



The NEVER SAY NEVER (Never Knights Series) Music Video with singer AJ Rafael is Here!

So excited to finally bring to you this collaborated effort between AJ and me.


Here’s the description of the music video:

This is a music video spoof from AJ Rafael and Kailin Gow honoring the 80’s great musician Robert Palmer and other musicians who helped paved the way for music today. Music is still the vehicle of communication and expression it was back then as it is today. AJ Rafael’s Music Speaks brings awareness of the power of music for Autism awareness, while Kailin Gow’s Never Say Never books shows the power of music to heal, grow, and transcend gender roles.  AJ’s nephew has autism, and Kailin’s daughter was diagnosed as being on the spectrum but has recently been diagnosed as no longer on the spectrum. Enjoy!

View the Robert Palmer Simply Irresistible Video so you can see how gender roles has changed!

These guys in the Never Say Never music videos are so awesome and secure in themselves, they help to bring forth the message to other guys and to women, too, that:

“Real Men Are Secure In Themselves.

They Never Use Force.”


This is a message found in the Never Knights Series with Never Say Never being book 1.

What happens when a hot, but strong young woman takes over a band full of hormonal heartthrobs?  – the book series Never Knights is what happens!

Never Land and Never Say Never Music Video Stills from the Set!

We finally have professional photos from the set of the Never Knight Series Music Video!

Me as EP (Executive Producer) sitting next to music star AJ Raphael, who belts out the main song in this video with an incredible voice that belies his youthful looks!  AJ is not only a very talented performer, but he has a big heart, establishing a non-profit bringing awareness to music therapy for autism called Music Speaks.

I’ve had the fortune to be working with a fun, but highly professional cast and crew, which made this production go very smoothly.

Me and Producer Don Le, who produced Kina Grannis’ video.

I worked with the team who produced Kina Grannis’ music video and had a wealth of experience producing popular music videos for some of the internet’s biggest personalities.  If you don’t know who Kina Grannis is, you will.  Her music is everywhere, and she is an indie sensation like Justin Bieber, from being indie to signing with a major record label.

The Epic Red Camera – any filmmaker would salivate over having one of these to film with – it is what its name says – Epic!

I’m not going to give away the music video’s story before it comes out, but here are a few stills from the set.  To give you an idea of the extent of this music video and the amount of work put into it, we had an entire staff including choreographer, make-up, art department, gaffer, A.D., and more.  I’m speaking from a producer’s view at the moment, setting aside my author’s hat.

The shirtless muscular guys rehearsing their moves with our choreographer.

To say this video is the most fun production project I’ve had (or at I’ve never laughed so much and so hard), is an understatement.

It was the kind of project where everyone had to laugh.  A feel good project.  And in the end, there’s a powerful message about men and women that is the theme of the Never Knights Series.




Silence (Wicked Woods #4) is Having an Early Release – Monday Aug. 1!

Instead of Fall 2011, we’re having an early release of Silence (Wicked Woods #4) on Kindle!



Get a chance to win a special handcrafted Tree of Life necklace from Blee Inara in our Online Release Party hosted here on this blog. Announcements of Winner of the Tree of Life will be on the Wicked Woods Facebook Page.

The Tree of Life necklace is featured on my upcoming show, tentatively titled “The Kailin Gow Show” right now, but there’s a segment where I find cool gadgets, etc.  Blee Inara makes jewelry that only sells in their boutique store or at CUSP, a Neiman Marcus store.




Sneak Peek of Beautiful Beings in Bitter Frost Kindle AVAILABLE NOW – Also, Get a Chance to Win a Kindle!

I’m really excited about my newest series Beautiful Beings, which was one of the most visible and clearest vision as an author I had, besides the Frost Series, of each character, their backstories, and the setting.

The first couple of chapters from Beautiful Beings will be revealed in Bitter Frost‘s April 7 Kindle re-released (re-edited by my publishers, and hidden in the book itself is a chance to win a SIGNED kindle!

Bitter Frost‘s Revised Version with the Sneak Peek of Beautiful Beings is now Available on in Kindle.

Then you’ll hear from me again about it.  But for now… Bitter Frost is here and soon-to-be… Beautiful Beings.

Grateful for Everything! Getting Real…

Hi everyone.  I’m still on Cloud 9 for having an amazing soul-searching breakthrough week. I was honored as a guest on a new talk show to be aired in June on ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox affiliates for a highly-respected host (will reveal soon), who has coached leaders around the world, leaders of non-profits and the top corporations. And now he has a new show that gets into the purpose of why we do what we do.

For me, in a heartfelt genuine conversation I had with the host, all captured on television, my purpose and passion for writing and working non-stop to bring about books and stories (through books, television, and film even) is my desire to help girls and women with issues I’ve personally gone through, with issues I’ve experienced.

I’m so grateful that hundreds of thousands of girls and women have discovered my books, and that I’m in the position where producers are excited about bringing my books, me, and my passion to the screen.

In May, I begin taping the first season for my new television talk show EDGEWISE with KAILIN GOW where I will be bringing viewers heartfelt topics, go into the lives of some of my readers, go into the lives of some of the girls/women that I mentor, and more, along with random fun stuff. You will see a side of me you haven’t seen. You will get to know me as someone more than just someone who write young adult fiction. You will see that I am comfortable in my own skin (for the most part) and happy to be who I am.  If I am not, I’ll let you know it.

I have never been so excited about this time in my life (other than the biggest moments in anyone’s life – getting married, having my first child…)

Here is what producers have been saying to me…

“You have so many built-in Oprah moments.”

“Kailin, you are real, you are genuine. You are a woman who has experienced it all!”

I never take anything or anyone for granted. Everything is for a purpose, and I am grateful for it.  So without much adieu, I am always practicing Thanksgiving (minus the Turkey and heavy sleep-inducing stuffing) with my husband, my family, my friends, and readers (why do I give away a lot of giveaways and time?)

So I’m wishing everyone happiness, good health, and love always 😀


2011 News – Upcoming Events – More than Just Books! It’s about Giving Back to the Community

A few Things Coming Up this Year!

There will be some exciting things on the horizon:

1) I’ll be attending the Romantic Times BookLover Convention this year along with authors like Richelle Mead, Melissa de la Cruz, Alyson Noel, and Kami Garcia. I’ll be signing books.  If you’re in Los Angeles, stop by and say “hi”.

2) I’ll be attending Comic Con this year, and will have characters from my books there.  Fun Fun Fun!

3) I’m booked for appearances on Radio and Television. First stop is NBC television, then CBS, NBC, ABC, and Fox.

4) I’m starting up my radio show Women Who Write with a slew of interviews with well… women who write – authors, screenwriters, singer/songwriters, publicists, television writers (I live near Los Angeles…the Capital of moviemaking…what do you expect?), actresses, and a lot more women who write.  If you want to know the nitty gritty of writing, hear how these successful women earn a living doing what they love… writing, learn about some of the challenges they have faced, get some real advice; then tune in.

5) Shy Girls Social Club – my teen site and the teen girls’ group I personally mentor.  There will be more activity.  There will be a Workshop for girls on Self-esteem and opportunities for girls to get involve.  There will be a big project we can all work on that will be either published or aired/screened.  Stay tuned, Girls!  Oh, and scholarship opportunities.

6) 3As for Autism (Actors, Artists, and Authors for Autism) – the Autism Awareness and Action Group I founded with a bunch of actors and filmmakers.  We are going to start developing a film I wrote that will be filmed in Spring or Summer. Film title will be reveal later.

7) On the horizon…I hear that my fiction books are being used by the medical community in neurological and mental well-being.  I know the U.S. Mental Health Association has recommended my books, but now I’m hearing neurological experts are reading and using my YA fiction books for medical reasons.  Amazing.  I’m blown away and honored beyond belief.

So… the reason for this post is to say, it’s more than just books for me. Writing these books and using them to connect and get in touch with people is my way to give back to our community and our world.  Whether it is for self-esteem development, helping women who would like to write for a living learn about it through a radio show, awareness-building of Autism, or neurological research;  I’m glad these books and I are able to help.