Adventure in Atlanta = 1 of My Best Book Signing Ever!

My First Visit to Atlanta for a Book Signing and Game Debut Was One of the Best Experience I’ve Had in my 13 Years as a Published Author.  Here are some highlights!

I got a hug and a fist bump from Ian Somerhalder congratulating me on Bitter Frost’s game release and film development when I was signing books and debuting the game in Atlanta this weekend!

Author Kailin Gow and Ian Somerhalder

Got to see the Game of Thrones’ Jason Momoa, who Presented in Front of Where I Was Signing!

James M from Game of Thrones at Atlanta Signing


Sold Out of Books within Hours on the First Day I was Signing!  Ran out of Game Posters the Next Day!

Signed Books and Bitter Frost Game Poster

Met a Lot of Fans Who Have Read At Least One Series

Kailin Gow talking to Fans at Atlanta Walker Stalker Con

Toured this Beautiful and Fascinating City Filled with History, Southern Hospitality, and Good Food!

Atlanta City

I’ll definitely will be back to Atlanta where I’ve met some of the warmest and friendliest people around!



MOTHER of MONSTER Sales, Upcoming Releases, and Exciting Game News!!!

Upcoming New Releases and Exciting News!!!

We’re having a Monster Sale!

Many of Kailin Gow’s titles are only 99 cents for a limited time!

For more information, visit:

Upcoming New Releases We are So Excited About!!!


The Blue Room

The Blue Room Series

(Related to The Never Knights Trilogy, but is a separate series)

May 26, 2014

The Barely Legal Series

(Related to The Protege but is a separate series)

June 2014

Barely Legal 1 by Kailin Gow

Exciting News!!!

The PULSE Series is also in development as a game, along with Bitter Frost.  Expect the games to be releasing in Fall 2014!!!

International Bestselling YA Fairy Series – The FROST Series(TM) TV Commercial Airs Memorial Day Weekend!

Hi Everyone,

I’m having the most amazing week!  The first book in my new fantasy series DESIRE, a young adult dystopian, came out with a splash!  I was told by my marketing agency, DESIRE became an international bestseller!  Wow. Thank you everyone who made that happened!  I heard it’s really romantic, but edgy (hehe) … if you haven’t gotten a copy, yet, the Contest to win a Kindle (pre-loaded) by me is still going on, so go out there and get DESIRE!

But here’s the other news – the FROST Series(TM) TV Commercial will Air this Memorial Day Weekend!  On the SyFy Channel, Nickelodeon, and ABC Family Channel.  Watch for it!

Also, you will notice when you click the description on the YouTube posting of this Commercial, the FROST Series(TM) will be made into an international game by one of the largest gaming companies. A press release will be sent out with more details.  So readers, the world of Feyland will become more than words off a page, but a world you can truly enter, interact, and see!  This is an exciting venture for everyone, and the FROST series will be one of my first book series to be turned into a worldwide game.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Ascension (Wordwick Games, #2) Releases Monday Nov. 22!

The Ascension (Wordwick Games, #2) Releases this Monday!

On Kindle and Then in Print


After finding out the truth about Anachronia; Gem, Sparks, Rio, Kat, and Jack returns to Henry Word’s castle. Henry Word, the inventor of The Wordwick Games, is missing, and only he can control the portal that leads to all the worlds. The gamers must find him at all costs, but in doing so, it may change everything they know about themselves and their own world. When they learn a war is brewing within the worlds of The Wordwick Games, which will spill out into their own world, and the gamers are pitted against each other in a real fight to the death, dreams become reality…

In this exciting second book of The Wordwick Games Series, the stakes to The Games are higher, and the prize is life.

For age 12 and up

The Rise of the Fire Tamer (Wordwick Games, #1) Gets a New Cover to Match the New Series Look and is Expanded.


As usual Kailin Gow rocks out the YA genre with her work. I absolutely adore her books and think she’s one to watch.

This book, of course, was great! I love the world building that she did…For me, it’s always just right. The characters in this one were great and I loved the storyline.
Here’s a sneaky little thing that Kailin did with the book…she made it educational. *shhh Don’t tell anyone!* LOL! In it you learn a lot of new words along with definitions but it’s combined so well into the story that you don’t really think about the fact that you’re learning. It was awesome!
Besides all that though, it really was just an excellent story…I always manage to get lost in her writing and I’m through the books before I even realize it.
If you haven’t checked her out yet then I think you should!

– Kristina, Cajun Book Lady, Blog

This book caught my eye right away. The story line alone made me want to pick it up and keep reading.

The book takes on the point of view of all the main characters with a focus on the POV of Gem. The book starts with the winners of the wordwick games, once these 5 are announced they get the chance to stay at the creator of the Wordwick Games’ castle where they get to play the newest level in the game. Once they get the tour of the place, Henry Word (the inventor) sends them off to there rooms where the journey to the new Level and amazing world of Anachronia. The team soon learns of the rules to win the game and find out that words represent a great part of winning. Words are power; they can be used as weapons or as a way to control a situation.

As the players travel through the land making friends and enemies they must find a way to follow all the rules and win the game. Becoming the best player, and the crowned ruler of Anachronia.

The teens encounter strange creatures and intense road blocks. With a world filled with war, trolls, wizards and even dragons it’s hard to be bored. When the gamers feel like something is up they come to realize that the game may not just be a game, they fear that the damage they take and the life they’re living is real.

The ending to this story was fantastic, with twist and turns that leave you wondering about the truth, when reality finally hits the ending will leave you asking for more!
A must read for those who love adventure and fantasy, competition and suspense.
A great start and I can’t wait to know what happens next.

– Melissa Silva, The Bookshelf

This is a very clever book. My Asian parents would approve since it’s educational as well. I’m exposed to actual words on the SAT tests, while being completely and utterly lost (happily) in this fantasy world. The teens at first appeared to fit into gamer stereotypes, but as they move forward into the story, the masks all come off. You will root for these teens. You will feel what each of them feel. As is shown by this experimental fiction book, Ms. Gow is an author to watch. She is not afraid to try a new perspective or point-of-view. Characteristic of the young adult books I’ve read of hers, this one is fast-paced, highly-imaginative, and contains amazing plot twists and turns throughout. Gem is a heroine teen girls would like. She’s smart and resourceful. She reminds me of Katniss in Hunger Games, although the Wordwick Games is more of a fantasy game than the Hunger Games.

– Naya Singh, Book Club moderator

What a good book!! I found myself drawn into the action right from the beginning. My favorite parts were the little paragraphs at the end of each chapter that told you what each of the main characters was doing or thinking at the end of that chapter. I liked that the book had good strong female characters. It addressed that teens are usually thinking what everyone is thinking of them. I liked the fact that words had such power in the game. Words do have a strong impact in our world and I thought that the story illustrated this well as to the destructive power of some of the words that were used. I will definately be passing this on to my teenage daughter and even my older daughter who is in her 20′s.

– Mindy Detweiler, a room without books is empty