Photos from Kailin Gow’s Rockin’ the Holidays Indie Readers Bash!

The first Kailin Gow’s Rockin’ the Holidays Indie Readers Bash signing event at the House of Blues Anaheim Downtown Disney was both fun and successful!

Rockin' the Holidays Indie Readers Bash Banner

Several authors sold out of their books, readers had fun, the band sounded great, the models looked better in person than their photos, and the charities – Breast Cancer awareness had a great raffle while an auction for a 8 foot banner signed by all the authors to benefit a local OC battered women’s shelter was auctioned off for a very good amount.

Here are some photos taken from Kailin Gow’s Rockin’ the Holidays Indie Readers Bash’s website (managed by my team). 

So here are some photos from the event:

Authors, Cover Models and their fans party at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Room outside and inside the House of Blues Anaheim Downtown Disney was comfortably filled with readers, bloggers, authors, and cover models.

Film Crew filming at the Rockin' the Holidays Bash HOB Downtown Disney

Near the band was the Snowflake Christmas Tree, the Breast Cancer Awareness Raffle, and Gift-wrapping. Models, authors, readers milled around, while a film company for a documentary interviewed some authors.

Awesome volunteers at Rockin' the Holidays Indie Readers Bash

A few of the awesome volunteers in their Rockin’ the Holidays Event Staff t-shirts by the Banner signed by all the authors which was auctioned off to benefit a local battered women’s shelter.

Sharon Covington at Breast Cancer Awareness Raffle table

Fifty Shades of Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Charity Raffle Table

Author Kahlen Aymes at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Author Kahlen Aymes

Author Addison Moore at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Author Addison Moore

Author Kailin Gow at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Author Kailin Gow

Author Katie Ashley getting a brief moment to breathe at Rockin' the Holidays HOB Downtown Disney

Author Katie Ashley

Author Kendall Ryan at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Author Kendall Ryan

Author R.K. Lilley at the Rockin' the Holidays Bash at HOB Downtown Disney

Author R.K. Lilley

Author Eve Carter at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Author Eve Carter

Author Gretchen De La O at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Author Gretchen de la O

Author Laurelin Paige at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Author Laurelin Paige

Author Rebecca Shea at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Author Rebecca Shea

Author K. Bromberg at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Author K. Bromberg

Author Tess Oliver at Rockin' the Holidays Bash

Author Tess Oliver

Authors Renee Carlino, Rebecca Shea at Rockin the Holidays Bash

Trailer featuring all the authors and models, playing the theme song from P.O.E.’s I Surrender CD played on 5 screens inside the House of Blues

More pictures from the event posted by fans and attendees at:

Group Page:



Indie Authors and Publishers – Need Your Help! Become a Contributor to Indie Directory and Advice Book

I’ve been compiling a directory and advice book  that will be changing and being updated every year about indie-friendly vendors that we use for those who want to go their own way, be an independently-published author, rather than traditional.

Having been in writing and publishing for many years, I’ve made it a point to at least try out any and all vendors (book blog tours, blast services, advertisers, pr or promotions companies, brand marketing companies, contest sites, review sites like Kirkus for indies, book trailers producers, website developers, workshops, and more) who cater to indies and in some cases, traditional publishers.  I’m still trying out new vendors every season to see what works for me and what doesn’t since it’s a constantly changing publishing environment. And like some of you,  I’ve innocently tried and used services, only to be find them ineffective or worse, targeted by indie-haters for using these services, which I had not known anything bad about.

There are so many companies out there that claim they can help you become a bestselling author or something like that and will charge you thousands of dollars to get you there.

Luckily for me, before these companies became more prominent, I was already established as a top-selling author in my niches on Amazon before trying these companies so in a way, but I wanted to try them out as an obligation to stay on top of the publishing environment.

And especially in the indie atmosphere, there are vendors out there that you should be aware of, as well as those, who by using them innocently as a client can cause you to be bashed by indie-hating bloggers or trolls because they find the way indie vendors market books, to be distasteful.  But as an indie author or publisher, we don’t really know until we tried their services, right?

Need Your Suggestions and Recommendations for Indie-Friendly Vendors and Service Providers

Just because some vendors and services didn’t work for me, doesn’t mean it didn’t work for you. And there are so many other services that I haven’t heard of or tried.

So, if you would like to help your fellow indies out and provide the vendors you found exceptional some recognition, please send me:

at kailingowbooks (at) aol (dot) com:

1) Your recommended vendors – their contacts or links

2) Why you recommend them – did they provide results for you in any way, etc.

3) Beware list of vendors and brief comment on why

You will get credit in the acknowledgement of this directory, a chance to put a brief bio in,  and a sense of helping the indie publishing world and authors out!





Catch Me LIVE on Television August 7 on CBS as I’m Interviewed on my body of Work!

I’m honored to be recognized by the news media and community as being a “successful” fiction author, who has always had a social conscious.

Now I’m being recognized for my huge collection of books, including my latest ones which are designed to push buttons as well as be entertaining.

Catch me LIVE on television (yes LIVE) on August 7 at 2:44 pm PST on CBS’ Channel 9 as I talk about my latest books, some of my more popular series, and more!


We’ll be talking about some of the issues brought up in my YA Contemporary and YA-Mature/New Adults

Loving Summer Series

Saving You Saving Me (You & Me Trilogy)

 Never Say Never (Never Knights Series)



If I WAS a Bookseller, Which of My Books Would I Recommend?

Wouldn’t it be great if we had more information available when we make a purchase?  This is especially true when it comes to buying a house or even a car.  If you’re like my husband, who researches everything before a big purchase, then wouldn’t it be great if information will be available right at the point-of-purchase, right at the tip of your fingertips?

Well, buying a book to read for pleasure is not quite the same as buying a house or buying a car.  Although believe it or not, many homebuyers and car buyers do less research on a home or a car than people who buy books.  I’ve been a real estate broker and have sold million dollar homes to people who would just have a sheet of paper, a photo of the house, and an one-time visit.  I’ve bought a house based on an one-time visit, and it turned out to be the house we loved most and lived in the longest in so far.

Now when it comes to buying a book, we rely on booksellers and the information they provide.  Many times, it’s just the blurb and some reviews.  And recommendations.

Who knows a book better than its author?  If authors were booksellers, how would they describe their book?

This is HOW I Would Recommend My Books:

1) The PULSE Series – Want sexy vampires and a girl with the special blood that can turned them human again?  PULSE is a series for age 16 and up that critics have been comparing to Vampire Diaries, Twilight, and any other vampire books to film or television show they have seen.  Because that’s the type of vampire world people are familiar with right now. The difference with PULSE is the vampires’ characters, the history between vampires and Life’s Blood Carriers like Kalina, and the romance.  PULSE now has 9 books out in the series and spin-off, and is read all over the world.  The film for PULSE begins development in 2012.

2) Bitter Frost, Frost Series – Want to enter and escape into a world of magic, fantasy, and romance?  Enter Feyland, the enchanted land of the fey where beautiful and dangerous fey and fey-like creatures live.  Feyland was first introduced to the world through the Fairy Rose Chronicles in 2003, when I began my fiction-writing career writing middle grade to teen books.  Fairy Rose Chronicles was written for age 9 and up, with the later books more for teens.  When Bitter Frost, the first of the Bitter Frost Series was introduced, with some of the characters from the Fairy Rose and a Feyland that takes place 5 years later from the Fairy Rose Chronicles, Feyland’s War of the Seasons is well underway, and has escalated to the taking of royal prisoners, which led to the Summer King’s banished daughter being brought back to Feyland after having grown up in the human world.  Bitter Frost is Breena Malloy’s story and how she navigated the dangerous political world of the Fey to become one of the most legendary leaders of Feyland.  The Frost Series has been contracted to become a multimillion dollar MMO Game. Release of the game is scheduled for 2013 or 2014.  Currently, there are over 14,000 fans and growing for the Frost Series as buzz about this under-the-radar book franchise is gaining more attention.

3) Desire – Escape into a perfect world where everyone’s life is planned out for them.  DESIRE is a dystopian fantasy romance that has a bit of paranormal. It melds genres and people are calling the DESIRE series “Original” and “Literary Genius”.  There is an incredible romantic triangle in DESIRE between Kama, her best friend and long-time boyfriend Liam, and a sexy stranger who knew more about Kama than she did named Torrid. There are already 3 books out in the DESIRE Series with another, Passion, set for release in 2012.

4) Fire Wars – Fire Wars is Greek and Roman Mythology in a Dystopian world.  The world takes place hundreds, perhaps thousands of years in the future when the land has eroded into islands.  Mackenzy Evers is a girl who has moved from place to place with her single mother, who has steadily climbed the career ladder as an Events Director at luxury hotels.  The latest place they move to is Aeros Island, which has more lush vegetation and natural beauty than anywhere else on Earth.  There Mac meets Chance Cutter, son of her mother’s boss, the wealthy Antonio Cutter of Cutter Imperial Hotels. He’s mysterious, sexy, and wants nothing to do with Mac, except for the intense attraction they feel whenever they cross paths.  Then there’s Varun Cutter, the down-to-earth cousin of Chance, who lives and works at the hotel, too.  Both of them have connections to Mac stronger than she can ever imagined, and as she finds out more about who she is, and what she is, she learns that her role in Earth’s future is critical.  The Fire Wars had its world premiere at the Orange Country Children’s Book Festival this year!

Here’s where you can watch the Trailer

And of course, I would recommend the following book series as well:  Beautiful Beings, FADE, Steampunk Scarlett, Stoker Sisters, Phantom Diaries, Harold the Kung Fu Kid, Queen B Superheroine, The Wordwick Games, and Wicked Woods.

RT (Romantic Times) Booklover Convention Book Signing and Pictures

Posters of Desire and Beautiful Beings at the Romantic Times Booklover Convention 2011 were right next to Rachel Caine’s Morganville Vampires Posters.

The Romantic Times Booklover Convention was a week long convention of meeting some of the romance publishing industry’s top authors, publishers, agents, and even models.

The convention’s highlight for me was definitely the meeting of peer authors and readers.

Here’s me with the sweet and fabulous Ally Carter, author of the Heist Society and  Gallagher Girls.  This picture was taken by the witty and glamorous Holly Black, author of Spiderwick Chronicles, Tithe, The Cursed Workers series, and more.  These fabulous ladies were so much fun! Thank you Holly for taking this photo.

Book Signing

Signing Cecilia’s Autograph Book.  So happy to finally meet up with Fans who have become friends, too.

It was an amazing group. Kerrelyn Sparks sat at a table behind me, Kensington books (publishers of Richelle Mead’s Succubus series and more) authors sat next to me, and straight in front of me was a row of studly men, the male models who modeled for the covers of those steamy romance novels you see everywhere. They were there for the Mr. Romance contest.  I don’t think any of us authors who had to sit in our row would complain about the view.

The book signing event was wonderful and again the best part was meeting my fans and exchanging hugs, like I said I would!

On Writing with a Passion and on Writing Fast

Recently I was asked to teach a class on time management for a writer’s conference. It’s a topic I’m very familiar with and am constantly researching ways to be more productive.

I’m unconventional, I have to admit. I don’t just sit down and write, I multitask all the time so I get a lot of writing done, as well as manage everyday life tasks. I like using the latest technology and gadgets to become more productive. I’ll highlight some of the gadgets I use.

But writing is a PASSION of mine. I probably write 18 hours a day (no kidding!) and 7 days a week – but I don’t keep track. I just do it, and feel a need to. It’s not a job, it’s not because an editor is telling me to do it, it’s not because I’m competing against anyone or any author out there (I’m only competing against myself, if I’m competing against anyone).  It’s because I live and breath writing.

My family and friends are very understanding of this all-consuming passion I have, which I’ve had for years. For years I’ve stored stories up, filed them away, and either began writing them or filed them for another day.  For years I’ve written half a book, and left it at that, waiting to finish them when the time is right. I have about 10 of these books waiting to get finished.  They sit stored away, waiting for me to finish them. It is precisely that – those unfinished books, that prompt me to write as fast as I can…so they don’t become unfinished and forgotten. It’s about getting them done. If you write as fast as you can, the further along in the book you get, and the more likely it will be finished.  Like I said, I’m unconventional. If you give me plenty of time to write a book, I will procrastinate – do anything but write that book, because I would think – Oh, I have the time. I’ll get to it another day.

Writing Fast and Keeping Focus

I try to write fast. In my most productive days, I write between 10,000 to 15,000 words a day. I’m like a zombie in zone. I write everywhere…take notes, come up with dialogue, and even new ideas for series wherever I go. Writing is a process which includes taking notes, coming up with names, plots, characters…everything including the actual sitting down to write. So, that being said…you need something to take notes with when the inspiration hits you.  I personally use this trusty do-it-all-device:

My Blackberry

I take notes on it, I answer emails, I schedule events, I take pictures, I facebook and twitter. I even use it as a timer.

Most productive invention ever invented for a multitasker.

As far as getting my exercise in, while writing…this laptop shelf is very handy, and it works!

A laptop shelf that sits on my treadmill and exercise bike.  It looks funny, but I get a lot done this way, and get my marathon training/running in at the same time.

Now this one is just for fun!

The Apple iPad

It helps me read books when I can, take notes, surf the web, share presentations at meetings, and best of all – entertain my daughter with video games, streaming movies, and children’s books.

So we are blessed to have a lot more ways to be productive as a writer today than when I first started – 10 years ago.  I still wrote a book about every two to three weeks back then when I was in writing mode, but think how more productive I could’ve been if I had all these devices …

There is no mystery to writers who can write many books in a year. It takes organization, it takes endless amount of sleepless nights (I rarely sleep more than 4 hours a day), and it takes passion.

Good luck writers and aspiring writers. That’s how I do it, and that’s how some of the most productive people in the world (Trump, Steve Jobs, and Oprah) do it – they do it with PASSION!

2011 News – Upcoming Events – More than Just Books! It’s about Giving Back to the Community

A few Things Coming Up this Year!

There will be some exciting things on the horizon:

1) I’ll be attending the Romantic Times BookLover Convention this year along with authors like Richelle Mead, Melissa de la Cruz, Alyson Noel, and Kami Garcia. I’ll be signing books.  If you’re in Los Angeles, stop by and say “hi”.

2) I’ll be attending Comic Con this year, and will have characters from my books there.  Fun Fun Fun!

3) I’m booked for appearances on Radio and Television. First stop is NBC television, then CBS, NBC, ABC, and Fox.

4) I’m starting up my radio show Women Who Write with a slew of interviews with well… women who write – authors, screenwriters, singer/songwriters, publicists, television writers (I live near Los Angeles…the Capital of moviemaking…what do you expect?), actresses, and a lot more women who write.  If you want to know the nitty gritty of writing, hear how these successful women earn a living doing what they love… writing, learn about some of the challenges they have faced, get some real advice; then tune in.

5) Shy Girls Social Club – my teen site and the teen girls’ group I personally mentor.  There will be more activity.  There will be a Workshop for girls on Self-esteem and opportunities for girls to get involve.  There will be a big project we can all work on that will be either published or aired/screened.  Stay tuned, Girls!  Oh, and scholarship opportunities.

6) 3As for Autism (Actors, Artists, and Authors for Autism) – the Autism Awareness and Action Group I founded with a bunch of actors and filmmakers.  We are going to start developing a film I wrote that will be filmed in Spring or Summer. Film title will be reveal later.

7) On the horizon…I hear that my fiction books are being used by the medical community in neurological and mental well-being.  I know the U.S. Mental Health Association has recommended my books, but now I’m hearing neurological experts are reading and using my YA fiction books for medical reasons.  Amazing.  I’m blown away and honored beyond belief.

So… the reason for this post is to say, it’s more than just books for me. Writing these books and using them to connect and get in touch with people is my way to give back to our community and our world.  Whether it is for self-esteem development, helping women who would like to write for a living learn about it through a radio show, awareness-building of Autism, or neurological research;  I’m glad these books and I are able to help.

Happy Thanksgiving – Thanks List, Contests, and Upcoming Promotion

Just wanted to say Thank You and to go through some of my Thank You Lists:


I wanted to wish everyone who has stuck with me and supported me for my first year in YA Fantasy Paranormal.  I am truly thankful to all my readers who have made this year FAN-tastic!!

I love getting to know some of you, and hopefully can get to know all of you.  You are the best readers/fans an author can have! And I enjoy “Keeping it Real” with you – it’s really me, conversing with you on Facebook, on Twitter, and on my Blog. Not a hired publicist or assistant.  As it is with my heavy schedule (I have between 1 to 2 books being published at any given time a month or so. To give you an idea of how heavy this schedule is, it is typical for most career author to publish one per year), it may not always be possible for me to get to you early, but I’ll try!


Thank you bloggers – I try to read every review you post and comment as well!  Thank you for being so supportive to this UNDERDOG AUTHOR.   Although I’ve been published for nearly 10 years, I’m still new in YA Paranormal, as it is known today. The kinds of YA Paranormal books I’m used to, and many readers are used to, until the last 2 years, have been series books under the length of 250 pages – Gossip Girls, Pretty Little Liars, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  It has only been recent that YA books have gotten past 250 pages and are as thick as telephone directories, right when we have shifted to a more Earth-friendly environment. Ironic, isn’t it?

Actor Ian Somerhalder from Vampire Diaries and an environmental advocate would be proud that I’m trying to keep my YA novels from adding to the environmental paper dumping situation.  My novels are now available through all kinds of electronic readers, especially Kindle, and they are deliberately planned to be serialized and of the book length typical of the Gossip Girls-type of books, which means less paper, and easy-to-carry paperback size books. Thank you bloggers and readers for helping me and the rest of the YA Community know it’s alright to be environmentally conscious and to accept a book of shorter length than the gigantic ya novels today.


Every book is the end results of months of hard work, sweat, creativity, lack of sleep, and teamwork.  A lot of thought and care have gone into the making of a book, especially of a series the magnitude of The Frost Series, PULSE, The Stoker Sisters, The Wordwick Games, Wicked Woods, and my other series.  These books are not just books, but stories and concepts that are and will be brought out not only in book format, but as film, television, and video games.  So, you see, these stories…these books are bigger than me, the story of hope and individual aspirations are more universal than I am. I am but the vehicle of delivery, for which I am very grateful to be part of.


For your unlimited support and unconditional love. Everyone close to me know how much time and devotion I have dedicated to writing books with strong girl/young women characters so that girls and young women can have positive role models in their fiction as well as in their real life. As a mother of a girl, an aunt of several nieces, an educator, and someone who has worked with young women in crisis, my hope is to help provide an additional form of YA literature that would help girls see themselves as strong and capable. Perhaps soon, we will be able to see a woman as President, and hopefully, gender won’t be an issue when it comes to leadership and capability.



Wicked Woods Release Contest – Ends November 26, 2010!

Merry Frost-y Xmas Contest!

Available Now


Releasing December 22, 2010

Releasing February 2011


Releasing 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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