DESIRE – The Series

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A Dystopian world where everyone’s future is planned out for them at age 18…whether it is what a person desires or not. Kama is about to turn 18 and she thinks her Life’s Plan will turn out like her boyfriend’s and friend’s – as they desired. But when she glimpse a young man who can communicate with her with his thoughts and knows her name…a young man with burning blue eyes and raven hair, who is dressed like no other in her world, she is left to question her Life’s Plan and her destiny.


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The first book in a fantasy romance series featuring a heroine who must choose between two very different men and two very different destinies. – Kirkus Reviews


5 out of 5 Stars…..Very sweet, lovely story about an eighteen year old girl Kama who lives in a perfect, settled future with a perfect boy, Liam, soon to be her future husband.
However, her world turns upside down when an enchanting, desireable boy Torrid appears in her life. Is the life she was supposed to be living really not what it looks like? Is there another pad she is destined for to live? Is her love toward Liam not as strong as she thought it was, is Torrid the love of her life? Step by step Kama discovers her true nature and makes her decision, but is It the right one?  – Xandra Van Welder, News Anchor, TV Zemst

“A few weeks ago I was having a conversation with a friend and I…the poster-child for stubbornness, had insisted that “I have read books about every freaking topic on the planet.” Now, I know what you are thinking; “Misty…you are a total dumbass, that is the broadest statement imaginable.” And to that I say…”Yes, you are right.” Naturally (because Karma has it in for me) a week later I started reading a book that took me completely by surprise, and (predictably so, I imagine) found myself in the uncomfortable position of having to hear those dreaded words “I told you so!” (as my friend wagged her finger at me in unabashed triumph.) Regardless of the humiliation my cockiness had afforded me however, I have to admit that I would graciously accept multiple tongue lashings, if only I could be as shocked by a book (or at least the “people” in it) as I was by Kailin Gow’s little ditty ”Desire.”

“So…you want to know what the shock was? Too bad, I’m not going to tell you, but I will say that this is NOT your average Dystopian read.  Yes, it has the markings of any great dystopian story (lack of freedom, predetermined future…yada yada) but the complications in Gow’s society is not what makes this particular book interesting; it’s Gow’s incorporation of ”fantasy” that does.  That’s right folks…I said fantasy. (for the record…that’s not the shocker, just an intriguing fact.)

If I’m to be honest, the “dystopian” aspects of the novel are VERY similar to at least 3 other books I have read (which shall remain nameless) and that is a little disconcerting, but thankfully for Gow, her characters (the entangled romance that surrounds them), and the sub plots strewn throughout, drown out these little issues, AND…in a stroke of what I can only assume is literary genius she combined the best elements of each of her genre tags:

Dystopian – The inevitability of an action packed up-rising

Fantasy – A journey down an unpredictable, and life changing path, that leads you TO that action.

The title…”Desire”…is exactly what this book is about. The desire Kama has to understand her past, present and future. Her desire to understand the nature of her situation so that she can make responsible choices, and her desire to make out with 2 very cute (and powerful) boys. (Who could blame her.)

To be blunt, the book was great.

Gow’s writing was solid, and the story left me wanting for more.  (It ended in a cliffhanger. Damn it!)

If you are a fan of books like “Possession” “Delirium” or anything paranormal I have a feeling you will love this read.” – Kindle Obsessed.

Summer Wishes (A Desire Novella)

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Shattered (Desire #2)

Releases November 2011

Books Available through:, Barnes and Noble, Borders,, Books-A-Million, Book Depository, Mysterious Galaxy, and where Books are Sold.

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Desire – The Series

6 thoughts on “DESIRE – The Series

  1. OOoh! How interesting! Whadda lovely cover! 🙂
    What’s the tentative date for this one, Kailin? I’ve searched for it on GR & Amazon. No info as of yet.
    Can you give us the deets? 😉

    Thanks so much as always!

  2. The cover is just gorgeous Kailin !!! I found this awhile ago on goodreads and quickly added it to my tbr BUY pile !!!!! Loved the trailor !!! very mysterious !!!!! Yes please do let us know when this is available 🙂 and congrads on yet another book !! U surely are one buzzy lady !!!!
    kat via facebook

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