Giveaways/Contests and Promotions Prizes Policy

All Contests and Giveaways will be Administered through Create1 Promotions

Unless stated otherwise, prizes from a Contests/Giveaway or Promotion will be mailed between 2 to 16 weeks, due to schedule, verification, and availability of prizes (books and arcs that have not been released or is in limited quantities).

Prizes will be physically mailed and not sent electronically unless it was stated as such.

Some prizes won from a previous contests will be combined in shipping.

Please give the correct mailing address to receive the prize.  It is your responsibility to provide the correct mailing address to me or my contest administrators by sending  the address through info (at) theEDGEbooks (dot) com.  Prizes that are incorrectly mailed because of the failure to provide contest administrators with an address or a correct address will not and (at sometimes cannot) be replaced.  Due to the nature of ARCs (meant for review purposes), they cannot be resold. If a winner of the a contest is found to have or is reselling ARCs, they will be disqualified from receiving further prizes. Fraudulent practices such as stating they have won a prize, but have not, or that they did not receive a prize, which they have with the motive to deceive, and publicly posting these remarks on a blog, facebook, or social site will result in disqualification of prizes.

Should there be any questions regarding receipt of prizes, please contact:

For contests where no purchase is necessary, you can still enter by mailing a postcard with your contact information, mailing address, email address, and phone number, age, how you heard about us, and which contest to:

Sparklesoup Inc., 14252 Culver Dr., Irvine, CA 92604

Winner’s Photos

We are happy for those who won and would like to share their joy with us through photos.  If you won a prize and would like us to post you with your prize, send us a photo or post the photo on one of the Facebook Book Pages, and we’ll share it there and here.

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