Giving Back

I write because I have an intense need to – this need is so great that I’ve been known to average 3 to 5 hours a night on sleep so I can write all the time.  My long-time readers know I’m a maniac when it comes to this writing passion.  It’s this motivation to help people, which gets me writing, and to tell a story that I feel tasked to tell.

But I’m also very passionate about another thing:  Giving Back!

I know I don’t have to, as anyone is not obligated to, but from my own author proceeds, I give a portion of the sales of my books to a designated cause near and dear to me.

For the month of September, I’ve donated $200 to the American Red Cross from the sales of PULSE.

For the months of November through December, I’m donating $1 per book of Wicked Woods on to Covenant House International, an organization dedicated to helping homeless teens rebuild their lives.

When I first began as an author, I donated proceeds of the sales of one of my books for women and teen girls to battered women shelters.  I got a chance to volunteer and help out at one of the shelters too.  Little do people know, these shelters are not just homes to battered women, but to countless amount of children and babies. Many of the women here are young mothers, even teen mothers.

I know Covenant House currently have a need, and the President of Covenant House has been working harder than any shelter leader I know to raise funds to help house and feed the many mothers, teens, and babies they house…who has fallen on hard times.

Wicked Woods touch a bit on being a homeless teen when the main character Briony finds herself suddenly orphaned, and having no home. She moves to Wicked Woods to live with her Great Aunt though, and thus the adventure begins.  But this is fiction, and homelessness is a reality for many teens.

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