Kailin Gow Featured in Credible Publications, News, and Organizations

With the internet wide open for anyone to post anything through blogs, forums, reviews, comments, etc., without verification of facts; people (especially children, teens and young adults) have to be cautious of what they read online.  As an author who has contributed to an anthology to benefit the Amanda Todd Society, which was started because Amanda Todd, a teen girl who committed suicide from being bullied online through rumors and accusations; as an adult and an author who has also experienced online bullying from a rival author and her agent, who created a hate-filled anonymous blog filled with negative suggestions which anyone can make up but without any merit or truth; I want to remind everyone to be wary of blogs written by anonymous writers, forum postings, and other so-called publications whose intent is to bring down a person. In order to weed through the wild west of so-called news on the internet, trust publications that have established credibility.  Trust blogs that are unbiased, written by someone not using a pen name, are not sponsored or paid by a publisher or an author, do not fangirl a specific author unless it is in full disclosure that they are a fan site.  If a blog is sponsored by or paid by a publisher, they need to fully disclose this bias on their site.

So, in that vein, I am posting news of myself that are from credible publications, news, and organizations.

1) Huffington Post :

Kailin Gow offers Advice on Fitting Your Author Life into Your Real Life by Arielle Ford (Huffington Post Books)

2) CBS Television News:

Kailin Gow – Talks about Saving You Saving Me and Reaching Out to Help People Through Books on CBS TV

3) Top 15 Nationally Syndicated News Radio Shows

Kailin Gow – Talks about How Loving Summer and Saving You Saving Me brings Awareness to Certain Social Issues along with a Strong Compelling Story on The Frankie Boyer Show

Kailin Gow, authority on Women’s Issues on KIXI Seattle “Chat with Women” Show Talk about Swimsuits and Self Esteem

Kailin Gow explains Why Kids are Dieting at a Younger and Younger Age on KTLK  AM1150 Radio Los Angeles

4) Orange County Register

Local Author Launches Site to Help Young Adults and Women in Crisis – OC Register

5) Amazon

Kailin Gow Featured on Front Page of Amazon.com as an Inspiring Author Success Story

6) IMDB Profile

Kailin Gow Featured on IMDB as a producer, writer, host, and director with verified film, video, and television works

7) The World Journal – Largest Chinese-language Newspaper

Kailin Gow Story in World News

8) Author Signings at Internationally-recognized Book Store where they have a history of hosting the biggest names in Fiction

Following in the Footsteps of Fantasy Author George R.R. Martin from Game of Thrones, Kailin Gow Signs at Mysterious Galaxy





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