#FridayBeforeFatherDay 2 Tips for Father

#FridayBeforeFatherDay 2 Tips for Fathers on Raising Strong Daughters: 1) Empower Your Daughter with Knowledge – knowing their rights & how to handle sexual harassment. (2) Raise Your Sons to Protect their Sisters even as Adults. Your sons will be there for her after you’re not.


Thank you Mike Schikman on WSVA News Tal

Thank you Mike Schikman on WSVA News Talk Radio, Virginia’s Top Radio, as a guest to talk about Kailin Gow’s Go Girl Guide & Raising A Strong Daughter for Parents, esp. Fathers for Father’s Day. Both Available for Pre-Order on Amazon, Here’s the interview http://ow.ly/kJbi30kvvaT

#Excited! Next week I will be interviewe

#Excited! Next week I will be interviewed on a major radio show talking about being Strong as a woman, the #MeToo movement, my books, and also my upcoming season for the Kailin Gow Go Girl Show. We’ll be covering a lot & it would be informative too. Stay tuned for air dates!

So happy for Prince Harry and Meghan Mar

So happy for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Fellow humanitarian Meghan Markle was already a great role model for girls, especially for girls of many races. As a Princess, she will be a greater role model for girls all over the world. Prince Harry made Di proud. #RoyalWedding