Kalina’s Name

Besides being pretty, Kalina’s name has a large significance in the PULSE vampire series.

Meaning:  Of the Rowan Tree

Origin:  Bulgaria

Rowan trees are found in northern Europe and northern America.  They are known in celtic, dutch, and eastern european folklore to have the following qualities:

  • Berries are red, have qualities of immortality. Faeries love rowan trees, especially their berries and protect these trees for their immortality-giving powers
  • Rowan tree branches are known to repel vampires.  Stakes made of rowan tree branches are effective in killing evil spirits. Rowan tree bark and branches are amongst the most sought after herbs (like garlic), used against warding off evil.  In ancient times, parents would make crosses out of rowan tree branches and place it underneath their babies’ cradles to keep them from being carried off by evil fairies or evil spirits.
  • Rowan trees are considered by the Celtics to be like oak and is called the “Tree of Life”.
  • They have healing qualities
  • They give off a fire element.  Fire made from rowan tree branches are known to keep people safe from evil.
  • The color associated with Rowan trees is Red.
  • The gemstone associated with Rowan trees is the Ruby.  Wearing this gemstone is protects its wearer from harm.
  • In Greek and Finnish mythology, the Rowan Tree is sacred to Aphrodite (the Goddess of Love and Female Sexuality), Brighid (the Goddess of Healing and Inspiration), and Halys (the River Goddess).
  • The bird associated with Rowan trees are the Blackbirds, who eat the berries.
  • Eating the berries from the Rowan trees is said to create an otherworldly connection through the unconscious, creating balance and healing.
  • Anything of the Rowan tree is said to be magical.

Sounds like our Kalina Calloway from PULSE?

The interesting part of all this… when I first came up with the story of PULSE, I first saw the character of Kalina.  This was to be her story, and how this strong young woman was going to become the amazing woman she will become in a world balanced between the otherworld (of vampires and other supernaturals) and the mortal world.  I didn’t even have to think about it, the first name that came to mind for her was Kalina.  I didn’t even know the meaning of Kalina at the time…

Until 3 books into the PULSE series, and somehow everything about Kalina (just based on the meaning of her name) all fell together.

Well…I guess I was meant to write this vampire series about Kalina, just as much as I was meant to write the Stoker Sisters, from my trip to Romania when I was tasked at age 19 to write the stories of these vampires.

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