Ridiculously Stupid Rumors and Other Things That Doesn’t Make Sense

My niece (who has a different surname) told me that she received a friend-request from someone named “Gow” on Facebook.  She figured out pretty quickly that they were mere impersonators, pretending to be a distant relative of mine and gushing about a competitor’s YA series.  This person didn’t realize that my niece was an actual relative, so she played along and played detective.  She is working on a career in the FBI and plans on digging further to uncover what seems to be a blatant violation of state and federal competition laws.  Both serious and amusing, but in the end, we’ll see who gets the last laugh as she peels back the layers of deception from these phony-baloney con artists.

With that said, I’m taking the opportunity to share with you some of the most ridiculous and nonsensical rumors created about me on the worldwide web.  I can only laugh at the silliness of these people spreading foolish lies.  It’s getting so that you can’t believe anything on the Internet, except the stuff here.

So while my niece is hard at work fighting crime, here are some tidbits for your amusement:

Stupid Rumor #1 – I’m a vampire – PULSE is about me, and I am the lead character Kalina Colloway.

Really? First of all, I’m not a vampire, and I’m not a teenager. Just because Kalina has a bit of Asian heritage in her, it doesn’t mean that she is me.  Her name sounds like mine because it happens to mean “from a Rowan tree,” which has significance in fey and vampire folklore.  My name happens to sound like Kalina, but it has a different meaning.  It means “Very Pretty” in Chinese.  While I have trained in martial arts since childhood, I am not a Life’s Blood Carrier like Kalina.  I cannot fly across oceans and continents in a matter of minutes.  But I do travel a lot, although mostly by plane.  I also do not wish to be in Kalina’s shoes, having to choose amongst her male harem of hot vampire men.  (Incidentally, for those critics who keep criticizing about Kalina being a whore, there are many many books with love triangles or squares.  So many, in fact, that they’ve coined a term for this – the harem-style romance.  In Asia, this is a common genre of teen romance.   I am also not pining to get it on with any guy.  On the contrary, I’ve been happily married for 18 years, I’m all about family, and I get really annoyed by guys who come onto me, especially if they think it will get them cast in a film or whatever. As a producer and a director, I find being a female in a male-dominated field, it’s all about being professional.

Stupid Rumor #2:   Because you’re prolific, you MUST have copied other authors’ books.

Bull! I write all my books but at the same time, I have editors who help me, whose style may help vary my work at times. As far as all the ideas for my books? They are my own and stem from my own experiences or they are inspired by events, folklore, fairy tale, news, phenomenon, etc.  I’ve been so fortunate to meet so many wonderful people around the world, travel to far away lands, and engage in so many unique experiences.  Stories that can make people laugh, cry, and wonder.   I’ve kept detailed notes and journals about my experiences, writing tidbits here and there over the past 2 decades.  Since 2001, I’ve maintained a specific spreadsheet full of ideas and inspirations from news, folklore, theories, fairy tales, etc.  All the while, I’ve been writing furiously to get everything onto paper, pushing books out at a frenzied pace.  With the completion of each book, I get to move on to my next project, and I can’t do it fast enough.  I have so many ideas, so much to write, and even then, I can’t produce everything fast enough.   I have a background in writing news and episodes at an ultra fast pace, mostly for television.  What people consider fast in the world of book writing is a standard pace for television. Authors who write and release a novel every 2 to 5 years are doing other thing besides writing. It doesn’t take that long to write if you are focused, inspired, and committed to making a project come to fruition.

Stupid Rumor #3: Your fey book sounds like another.

Most fey books sound like one another.  But when you think about it, most tv series and movies often sound the same.  They’re all based on human experiences, and while they may fit within finite categories, individual stories are as varied as clouds on a cloudy day.   I can say, however, that I created a world called Feyland in my Fairy Rose Chronicles back in 2003, which introduced a Winter Kingdom at war with the Summer Kingdom.  There was a Winter Prince who was the son of the Snow Queen. It was one of the first paranormal book series at the time using a strong female character lead instead of the stereotypical damsel in distress. I haven’t read any of the other fey series out there, but I can guess what they’re about from blurbs and titles.  I don’t need to copy anybody because I started this so long ago, and finished many of my series before competing authors even wrote a second book.    My book has no reference to low level metals on the periodic table.   My fey are of silver blood, and they are badass.


Fairy Rose will forever maintain a special place in my heart.  It was written back in the days when Print was King and digital books were a mere pipe dream.  Funny enough, I had one of those giant digital readers and gave one away as a prize when I was working as a corporate marketing executive for a Fortune 100 hotel company.  Today, these contraptions look like toddler styled iPads with large buttons and huge foam cushions around the perimeter to be used as handles.  Many of my original paperbacks were sold through an old website and I bet they’re pretty hard to find today.  I probably have one stashed away in the attic and one day, I’ll pass it down to my grandchildren as a keepsake of how books were once read.