Dream Cast for Saving You Saving Me

It’s difficult to choose actors to play the roles of the characters, because we all have different ideas of who should play Sam or Collins or Daggers.  I had different ideas of how Sam should look, but since Saving You Saving Me dealt with some actual locations and realistic elements, I subconsciously delved into realistic characteristics of people I know as well.  For the role of Sam, I had to draw from my own experience, just as the story and places were from that as well.  Not that the role of Sam is set in stone.  Also, if you’re the type of reader who can’t see any images of the characters because that in itself is a spoiler, then skip over these photos.

Samantha (Sam) Sullivan


Sam is a natural beauty who is flawless – perfect skin, bright green eyes, full dark hair, and medium height, feminine and athletic build.  She’s also mature for her age, serious, a straight-A student, very smart and kind, and wherever she goes, guys fall over themselves to get her attention, which she’s oblivious to.  Well… Kristin Kreuk, who played Lana on The CW’s Smallville and now the star of CW’s newest drama Beauty and the Beast happens to fit Sam in looks and personality.  And, well, I happen to know her from real life, as we’re both passionate about helping young women with self-esteem and image.   And so is Sam.

Here’s a photo of Kristin (in the center) and me (far right, no not the blonde) at a girl’s retreat where I was her guest and speaker.

Collins McGregor


Several people pictured Jensen Ackles as Collins McGregor, the hot sexy music mogul who has an intense relationship with Sam.  He’s got icy blue eyes that can be intense, yet amused at the same time. Collins McGregor is complex, cool, a little dangerous, witty, charismatic, and worldly.   Just so happens Kristin and Jensen played lovers before in Smallville (believe me, I didn’t plan on this pairing, but it seems to work).



 – Not Going to Picture him because he’s supposed to be an Anonymous Caller. He’s charming, vulnerable, charismatic, sensitive, and mysterious.  Sam finds herself passionately drawn to him, caring more for him than she should.



Steven McQueen was suggested by many people for the role of Derek, the college student who trains Sam at Sawyer House, the teen and young adult crisis center where Sam volunteers as a peer counselor. Derek is cute, sweet, handsome with dark hair and dark eyes and very good at what he does.  He also cares for Sam and doesn’t want her to get hurt.

So there you have it!  A few of my cast choices for Saving You Saving Me.  There will be a few more, like Sam’s mother, father, and sister Nydia, Vincent, Gail, and Dr. Green.

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