The Alchemists Academy

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The Alchemists Academy #1:  Stones to Ashes

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He was carefully chosen to carry on a thousand year old tradition 14-year-old Wirt had never really fit into his school. He had never fit into his foster parents life, too. He had gone from school to school, labeled as a troubled kid. All that changed when he was accepted into an exclusive private school called The Alchemists Academy. Suddenly Wirt was no longer the outsider he was back home, but one of a few students carefully chosen to carry on the tradition of Merlin the Magician at the Alchemists Academy where students are trained to become powerful advisers to kingdoms or rulers themselves.

Middle Grade and Up.

The Alchemists Academy #2:  Elemental Explosions

A new student has entered The Alchemists Academy, and he brings with him an explosive power that threatens the Academy and the legend of Merlin. Wirt thought he was the only bad boy at the Academy, but he was wrong. Not only is Roland Black worse than Wirt, but a new teacher had replaced one of their beloved teachers, and she has more planned for Wirt and his friends than just lesson plans.  Alana, his crush has grown prettier, and now he is rivals for her attention with not only his best friend Spencer, but newcomer Roland, as well. On top of that, it is their second year, and the year where all the students must pass a test to move on to the Elite Class at the Academy. The Elite Class is the only class in the third year at the Academy, and the students who fail will be sent home, others will face something even deadlier.

Releases July 18, 2011

The Alchemists Academy #3:  The Quantum Games

Wirt, Spencer, and Roland Black are thrown into the dangerous Quantum Games, and only one can join the Elite class.

Releases December 2011

The Alchemists Academy #4:  The Year of Being Elite

The survivors of the Quantum Games have joined Alana in the Elite Class at the Academy. Now the real dangerous,yet magnificent assignments will be assigned…

Releases February 2012

3 thoughts on “The Alchemists Academy

  1. Will you be publishing the Alchemist Academy book 3 and 4 in Kindle form anytime soon? I just noticed how far past the original date we’re at. I know how busy you are so I was hoping that these didn’t just drop completely off your “to do” list. 🙂 lol.

    • yes, they will. I had to move back Alchemist Academy 3 because of the schedules. It was going up against my other book releases.

      Would love to have you spread the word of Alchemists Academy 3 release date when it’s set, though. I’ll try to have it out early October.

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