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Bitter Frost

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Bitter Frost

Bitter Frost is an amazing adventure into a world of fantasy and realms that exist only within our imagination (or do they?). This is a story of a young girl who finds herself living within her dreams, turned reality. A new reality that she must survive or face death, for reasons that are beyond her control. Readers that are looking for an escape from the stress and craziness of everyday life, Bitter Frost will indeed be a treat. Whether you are familiar with stories of fantasy or new to this genre, there is something to appeal to every taste within these pages. From adventure, romance, suspense, fairies, pixies and other mythical creatures, Bitter Frost will take you on a journey that you will want to revisit again. With an ending that will leave the reader craving and aching for more, book two in this series cannot be released soon enough. Kailin Gow is a marvelously talented author that will captivate readers spanning a wide age range, from young adults to adults alike. Her writing voice is one that will transport readers into the pages of the story and make them feel as though they are in Feyland, right beside Breena. I greatly enjoyed Bitter Frost and look forward to delving into future works from the delightful Kailin Gow!

– April Pohren, Cafe of Dreams, Amazon Vine Voice, Goodreads Librarian, Reviewer for nationally syndicated Blogcritic

First off, I love all things Fey! Ms. Gow did not disappoint!
Breena has always felt a misfit among those around her, everyone except Logan, her best friend.

She has always dreamed of a land where faeries exist and she was a part of that land. In her dreams she is a child, happy and content, doted upon. She remembers learning a dance to a beautiful song with a beautiful boy that she yearns to be with, his name is Kian. Breena’s dream world is so realistic that she’s not sure where fantasy stops and reality starts.

On Brenna’s sixteenth birthday strange things start to occur and get stranger as the day wears on. Suddenly, everything she thought she knew is about to change. Her questions about her dreams and Kian are answered as she journeys into Feyland and learns that not only is she part faery but she is royalty as well.

Breena’s journey will teach her to rely on herself, her instincts and to learn to trust. She has powers that she couldn’t conceive of and loyalty and love she could only dream of.

Bitter Frost is a mesmerizing story of all things fey and I loved every word! Ms. Gow weaves a beautiful tale that is not only captivating but so incredibly descriptive! I truly had no trouble picturing myself in this world and oh, how I wish I could go!

This debut to a new series is well written and left me wanting the next book pronto!

– Kristi Stern, RN, The Book Faery

Bitter Frost is one of those books that leave you wishing you can live in another world, if only just for a day. Like the film Avatar, I was transported to a world vivid with imagery of all senses. You can see, feel, smell, taste, and touch Feyland. An appropriate-sized book for the teen market (length is similar to Gossip Girl books), teenage readers, especially reluctant readers will have no problem picking up this book and finishing it quickly. The writing, the story, the action, and characters will grab your attention and keep hold of you until you finish. Riveting read and I commend Gow for creating a fairy world so beautiful you want to learn about the winter and summer fey, yet at the same time, provide a book appropriate for teens. Like its characters, Bitter Frost goes beneath the surface to make you think about issues like bullying, parents, friendship, and loyalty. Our bookclub chose Bitter Frost to read. We also discussed the questions from the discussion sheet. I give Bitter Frost a 6 out of 5 for being able to pack so much meaning, story, and emotions into a book the size of Gossip Girl and still have depth. Teenage girls need to read this series.

– Doreen Mathers, Goodreads

Imagine dreaming about the same place and same people every night when you go to sleep. Then, when you turn 16, you find that the dream wasn’t merely a dream, but a reality – a place where you have been, and a place you have no choice but to return to. What a great start to the perfect fantasy… Or is it?

This is my first novel by Kailin Gow and I promise it won’t be the last! She has a wonderful way of capturing the reader from the start and easily transports them to an interesting and fascinating world of Feyland where fairies, pixies and werewolves exist – a beautiful place where magic is normal and necessary, and a place where humans normally cannot survive.

I must admit, I adored this book. The setting of Feyland, the main characters, the storyline – it was just what I needed for a day of escapism. I was smitten with the main characters. Breena, Kian, and Logan all have qualities that I’m sure every teen will be able to identify with. Breena is a girl who struggles with being unpopular, but still is a strong person. Kian is very easy on the eyes, but somewhat lacks in personality and backbone – or does he? Then there’s Logan… the ever dedicated friend that would do anything for Breena. Each character has both strengths and weaknesses that make them realistic and easily someone you can become involved with. You will find yourself rooting for some, not liking others, and even left heartbroken when choices have to be made. It was a great read. I only have one complaint – I didn’t want the book to end!

“Bitter Frost” is book one of the “Bitter Frost” series and will make you need want to read the second book to see what happens next. The second in the series ” Forever Frost” is due out in September 2010.

– Theresa, Just One More Paragraph, Goodreads Librarian

Fairy fans…this one is for you! I’m so happy that I had the opportunity to review this book!

Kailin writes beautifully and weaves a magical tale that you won’t forget. Yes, it reminded me of other fairie stories I’ve read, but all of them remind me of each other as I think the basic research is the same. Bitter Frost had so many elements that I did find unique; I don’t want to spoil the story so I’ll just say that there are way more than fairies that go to and fro.

I loved these characters; Kailin was able to pack so much feeling into these teens that you almost felt like you knew them. The setting of the story, Feyland, is just wonderfully depicted through the author’s writing. The storyline itself was a first for me and I really enjoyed the spin on “lost love” and “loyalties.” I recommend this one to fans of fairy books because I thought it was just awesome! I can’t wait to jump back into this world with book 2!

– Kristina, Cajun Book Lady Blog
Bitter Frost receives high marks for drawing me in and keeping me reading. I don’t have a lot of time to read so I move on if a book doesn’t get me from the start. Right away to the end, this book kept my attention. This book deserves at least 5 stars for weaving a captivating story with characters you care about, lots of plot twists, action, and romance. Goes beyond the young adult urban fairy books out there by dealing with serious topics like bullying and relationships in non-preachy, responsible manner. Breena, the heroine is a strong role model for girls, and the men are the kind of boys you’d want in a healthy long-term relationship. Twilight fans will devour this series up, and teachers should use this book to open up discussion about teen issues.

– Naya, Naya’s Girls Night Out Book Picks

Forever Frost

What can I say about a book that has brought some emotions of mine up to surface? Forever Frost is the kind of book that makes you think of your own relationships, of tender memories, of things warm and safe, especially the relationship you have with your mother. Breena, has entered Feyland, and is fast becoming the most powerful fairy in Feyland. Her power doesn’t necessarily come in the form of magic (although she now has considerable ability as a fairy hybrid), but it comes from her ability to reason, to negotiate, to use her wits. Breena is a strong young woman whom teen girls can find positive qualities to model. She does come into her own in Forever Frost, and the ending is a shocker.

The women in Forever Frost make an interesting study in female strength. I enjoyed Bitter Frost and Forever Frost is the perfect second book in the Frost series. I’m looking forward to downloading discussion questions for this book, too.

If you are looking for an enjoyable read, the Frost series fits that bill. If you are looking for a book that your class or bookclub can discuss deeply, the Frost series is truly that, too.

The romance is clean (lots of kissing) and the story is lyrical so this book is appropriate for age 13 and up.

– Brenda, Book club moderator, Goodreads

Simply, Forever Frost makes you root for the heroine Breena Malloy, right away. Gone are her insecurities from the first book, and now she is a strong royal fairy hybrid. Breena learns to navigate the murky political waters of Feyland, using her wits and developing magic. You do meet Breena’s mother and her mysterious father, which are amongst the most touching scenes. You also see reconciliation and heartbreak between Breena’s two loves, the werewolf Logan and the cold fairy Prince Kian. Though I enjoyed Bitter Frost immensely, Forever Frost has me convinced this series gets better and better.

– Shannon (Teen Book Reviewer)

so so so much better than the first book i really enjoyed reading forever frost and the ending was fab and left me wanting more march is to far away! :0)

Laura, Goodreads

Silver Frost

Enter the world of Feyland, where beautiful strong fairies have been at war for years. Breena, the beautiful half fairy, half human princess from Oregon, has ascended to her rightful place in Feyland, as Queen of the Summer Kingdom. Being Queen isn’t at all what she expected. Now the weight of Feyland falls heavily on her shoulders. The landscape of Feyland is scattered with the silver blood of fairies, turning the once whitish blue frost of the Winter Kingdom to silver frost, and danger lurks everywhere including within her own court. Secretly in love with her intended Winter Prince Kian, now Breena is faced with the realization of war, and the possibility of Kian as her greatest enemy. To help her navigate through the politics within her court and Feyland, help comes in the form of an old friend. Before she knows it, Breena’s heart is torned between two loves, just as torned as Feyland. The fate of Feyland depends on her choices, can she make the right ones even if it means turning away from her love forever? Book 3 of the bestselling Frost Series, about the Winter Fey.


OMG…this series just keeps getting better! I absolutly love this series. In this one Breena is more mature and more in control of her magic. She is now Queen of Summer Court and still in love with the gorgeous Kian. While dealing with issues with her people in the Summer Court she also has to deal with the Winter Court Queen that does not approve of her relationship with Kian. Then there is her best friend Logan who becomes part of a love triangle between her and Kian. I like Logan, he’s a great friend to her but I think Kian is the one truely for Breena. Along with all that is going on there is the situation/relationship with Kian’s sister Shasta and the Summer Knight Rodney. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time I was reading this on my Kindle. The ending was a huge cliffhanger, I was like no it can’t end yet! Now I can’t wait to read Frost Kisses. Oh yeah and The Wolf Fey was just released on the Kindle, it’s Logan story and is going to be a new series that is going to go along with The Frost Series. So exciting, I love reading Kailin’s books. – Jamie Johnson, Fantasy Book Chick blog

I have to give the author credit – Love Triangle – very different. What I mean by that – not typical. The author makes it where it will just shock the sh*t out of you. I can’t really explain it with out giving it away. The only hint I can give is that it doesn’t go down the way traditional love triangles go. I think the author was very bold and for that, she made me a fan.

Now I seriously can’t wait till the next book. It left such a cliffhanger – my mouth hung open for about 5 minutes after I read it. Then I smiled because I thought “Kailin Gow has the biggest pair of balls I have ever seen”. It was such a bold a move, I think it deserves a “Golf Clap”. – Sunny

Frost Kisses 

Feyland is thrown into turmoil once again as the Summer Queen Breena’s fate leaves the land of strong, beautiful, and dangerous fairies in chaos. An emerging danger has arisen deep in Feyland, and all must take sides. Sacrifices will be made, and not everyone will survive. How far would you go for love?


Recent Review of Frost Kisses (Book #4 of the Frost Series): “I love Kailin Gows books and Frost Kisses is no exception. She is an amazing author who can weave her magic so throughly that you feel as if you are there. I find my self so immersed within her books, that when it is over I feel a little lost and sad that I will not be able to reenter until the next book in the series. That is how much her books pull you in. I can not say enough good things about her so if you have not read her books you are truely missing out on an amazing experience.” – Jessica Bolton, Auburn Hills, MI

Midnight Frost (Bitter Frost #5: Frost Series)

As all the creatures of Feyland are forced into a battle that will determine who rules Feyland, a bigger force emerges that threatens all. Love, loyalty, desires, duty, and friendships will be tested. Choices will be made. Some will survive, while others will die. Midnight Frost is the pivotal book in the popular Frost Series about the beautiful, but dangerous world of Feyland and its magical and powerful inhabitants.

The Fairy Letters: Letters from Winter Prince Kian to Breena (A Frost Series Novel)

Available Now

A series of letters from the Winter Prince Kian of Feyland to the Summer Queen Breena during the time of their separation. Their love was forbidden as Winter and Summer Fey are at war with each other. Promised to each other at birth during a brief interlude of peace between the warring fey, Kian and Breena have always known they were each other’s destinies. Now grown they are now the brokers of peace. In order to broker peace between Winter and Summer Fey, however, Kian and Breena must sacrifice their love. But in doing so, they made a promise to each other. A promise Kian thought would never be broken. But it was…

The Wolf Fey Novelette (The Wolf Fey #1: Frost Series)

Logan is one of the shifter fairies – fairies who can shift into wolf shape.

The Wolf Fey is Logan’s open and raw story before Bitter Frost (Frost #1) about the Wolf Fey, and a hint of his destiny. Will it be with Breena?

This is a novelette introducing a new werewolf mythology based on the concept that werewolves have fairy blood in them in order to help them shift. This is their magic.

Available Now

The Red Wolf (The Wolf Fey #2: Frost Series) –

October 2011

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