The Master (Protege Series) is Now Available from Kailin Gow Books! And Cover Reveal for Barely Legal!!!

The Master (The Protege #3) is Now Available on Amazon and!

For 18 and Up due to Mature Subject Matter and Steam Level of a 10.

Kailin Gow says of The Protege Series and books in the Kailin Gow Books Imprint, “Because I speak about women and self-esteem for women of all ages, of course The Protege series, although steamy, is a story about a woman regaining her life, dignity, and self-worth. The books in the Kailin Gow Books series follows my platform in writing books that addresses women’s issues and of a social conscious, but these are for women who want more – more steamy, more action, and complex relationship themes.”

The Master

To be the Master, how far would you go? Serena Singleton, the college student turned protege and arranged lover for world renown composer and Professor Sebastian Sorensen or S. Sorensen, the mastermind behind the Vegas musical, Rock Hard Love Hard; seemed to have moved past her past, but a shocking discovery about Sebastian and her ex-Master billionaire Price Turnsby’s pasts forces her into a game so dangerous, she may not only end up losing Sebastian forever, but her life. Who is the victim or the villain? Who is the Innocent or the Master? Nothing is as it seems when one becomes a Protege.

  • Features a dedication to and a resource page to abuse help centers.
  • Recommended for 18 and up due to mature subject matter and adult content.

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Book 1: The Protege is currently on sale for a limited time for 99 cents!

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And Get Ready for the New Series, Barely Legal, starring Laura Turner from The Protege

For Laura Turner, helping others had been her way of coping and forgetting a past so painful, she had to hide it from the ones she loved or risk going insane. Helping her best friend Serena Singleton start a new life free from a dark past, made her feel she was helping herself move forward.

Laura, whose family ran in the same circle as billionaire composer Sebastian Sorensen and lived a life many would envy, had secrets of her own, and it had been years since she’d lived free of the same addiction that consumed her friend Serena.

When Laura moved to Los Angeles to work at a law firm who hired her to start even without her passing the bar, she meets the mysterious and sexy Peter Townshend, whose irresistible charm and take charge personality brings out a part of her she had hidden for years.

Hidden behind a wall of secrets and giving her his orders, she only has his seductive voice to guide her to do his bidding. He knows all her buttons. He knows all about her.

He knows she’s been a bad girl.

He knows good girls do bad things sometimes…even things that are…

Barely Legal.


Don’t ever confuse being a “nice” per

Don’t ever confuse being a “nice” person for weakness. Being “nice” is how people get along in society. It doesn’t reflect a person’s ability to survive. Quite the contrary. But everyone has the right to defend themselves when being attacked or their loved ones are attacked. That still doesn’t mean they are not “nice”. – Kailin Gow, on Principles of Leadership from FROST Series

“When you bite the hand that feeds you,

“When you bite the hand that feeds you, don’t expect to be fed! Were you just born yesterday? Even baby snails know not to bite their feeders.”
“Baby snails don’t have teeth.” Nat said.
“At least baby snails don’t crap in their own home.”
Nat shook his head. “No, they take it with them. Great conversation we’re having Bro. I’m back home the first day, and we’re talking about baby snails crapping.”
“Glad to have you home, Nat, but no, we’re not just talking about baby snails crapping. We’re talking about not stabbing the back of those who cared about you, loved you, and even helped you.” – Lasting Summer by Kailin Gow, coming May 2014. Cover reveal in April : )


1 More Day, PULSERS! Before BLOOD CURSE releases! Here’s the final excerpt, and if you haven’t read PULSE, get the first book for free for now on Amazon!


“Is this what bloodlust is like for you?”
“What do you mean?”
“This distraction. This hunger. This inability to do anything except think about…what you want?”
Jaegar grinned wickedly. “And what do you hunger for, my love? Not blood?”
“You know.”
He laughed. “You’re insatiable, Kal.”
“Is it me?” Kalina’s voice faltered as the memory of that other face came back to her, chilling her blood. “Or is it her? This aggression, this need for consummation, this control…it can’t be good, can it?”
“It certainly isn’t bad for me!” Jaegar’s smile was infectious.