Excerpt from FREE FALL 3 releasing in th

Excerpt from FREE FALL 3 releasing in the box set FREE FALL SERIES, this Tues. 11/10.

From Nat’s Point-of-View:

Summer said, “Sometimes Nat, I wonder how you’re too good to be true.”
I felt like blushing. A harden man like me blushing was unheard of, and I wouldn’t be caught dead blushing in front of my men at my compound. But only Summer can make me blush. Only Summer has ever known me as a scared, desperate kid growing up. “Still clinging to a perfect image of me, aren’t you, Summer?” I teased. “You haven’t seen me when I wasn’t that good.” My voice took on a deeper tone with some gruffness as I lowered it and said into her ears, “I’ve been very bad, Summer, so bad every part of me is classified as a lethal weapon.”
Summer suddenly shivered next to me, and it wasn’t even cold where we stood. – FREE FALL 3, in The FREE FALL COMPLETE SERIES box set. http://ow.ly/i/ejowR http://ow.ly/i/ejoxW

This is a surprise release announcement!

This is a surprise release announcement! FREE FALL 3, the last book in the Free Fall series is releasing as Part of the FREE FALL SERIES Box set, set to release on Tuesday, Nov. 10 for the Special Release price of $0.99 for the entire box set. Free Fall is the series that takes place 10 yrs. after Lasting Summer from the Loving Summer Series, but can be read as a standalone series. For Mature Readers 18 and up.

Will Free Fall get made into a film? Maybe…possibly a series. Will let you know if it does, but LOVING SUMMER is already in pre-production, with location set, talks/negotiations with certain actors to play certain roles, script done, etc. Loving Summer is and will be releasing as a film coming soon 🙂 http://ow.ly/i/ehO13