What’s the Difference Between A French Kiss and A FROST KISS?

The Frost Kiss…

What is it?

It’s the kind of kiss that will literally take your breath away.

It’s the kind of kiss that shows how in sync, how completely in tune a couple is when they’re kissing where they are literally breathing together.

Is it like a French Kiss?

Yes and no – Yes, because it does feel like a “soul kiss” which is the literal definition of a French Kiss.  And yes, it does involve open-mouth kissing like in a French Kiss.

But no because it involves the giving and inhaling of breath. Coolness and freshness is also experienced, as though, you are receiving a kiss from a Winter Prince…Jack Frost himself, whose kiss sends chills up and down your back, but is warm and hot enough to turn on your passion.

The FROST KISS is introduced in the book, FROST KISSES, the 4th Book in the Bitter Frost, Frost Series.  A certain sexy prince named Kian from the Winter Kingdom in Feyland, land of dangerous fairies, is an expert on giving Frost Kisses, and he shares it with his love Breena often.

Can humans give frost kisses? Yes, but it will involve practice and strong breath mints…the kind that causes you to feel like you’ve inhaled freezing air.  More on how to give a frost kiss coming soon!

Enjoy and Check out what it is and how it’s done in Frost Kisses, releasing March 15, 2011!

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