Wow! Just won an Official Selection for

Wow! Just won an Official Selection for my film, A New Year’s Story for the San Diego International Children’s Film Festival, which I hope to attend for the Screening! Finishing up Post-production for 2 Films I have been secretly working on in between writing my latest books!

#FridayBeforeFatherDay 2 Tips for Father

#FridayBeforeFatherDay 2 Tips for Fathers on Raising Strong Daughters: 1) Empower Your Daughter with Knowledge – knowing their rights & how to handle sexual harassment. (2) Raise Your Sons to Protect their Sisters even as Adults. Your sons will be there for her after you’re not.

#Excited! Next week I will be interviewe

#Excited! Next week I will be interviewed on a major radio show talking about being Strong as a woman, the #MeToo movement, my books, and also my upcoming season for the Kailin Gow Go Girl Show. We’ll be covering a lot & it would be informative too. Stay tuned for air dates!