Many of my readers don’t know this abou

Many of my readers don’t know this about me, but I was formally trained as a director in Uni. I directed plays, stage musicals, tv before becoming a full-time author. Now I;m back to directing films. Love it as much as me creating worlds through writing novels. #WomanDirector #<3

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! Sorry I didn

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! Sorry I didn’t get online earlier to say it, but heart is there. So grateful to everyone for making Bitter Frost come alive. In the thick of production for Bitter Frost Feature Film & just got costumes from the same peeps who made Game of Thrones’.#Wow

Because when I mention Bitter Frost in Y

Because when I mention Bitter Frost in YA Genre, another title comes up now , I need to add “Kailin Gow’s Bitter Frost” to EVERYTHING and EVERY TIME I post about MY Bitter Frost books, it is now a matter of someone trying to confuse the public and palm off my established title/IP as to which book series is the one who won an ALA YALSA Award, was made into a game, and is now in production as a film (Kailin Gow’s Bitter Frost is the one).

To clarify, the BITTER FROST that is being made into a film and tv series, which has won multiple film awards with its spinoff, and is an ALA YALSA Award-winning book series is the one by KAILIN GOW.

Happy to Announce the Bitter Frost Film

Happy to Announce the Bitter Frost Film based on the Bitter Frost Series books by KAILIN GOW filming has been moved up to December!! Already there is a YA Series copycat Bitter Frost book titles meant to confuse with mine w/4 titles the same as in my Bitter Frost book series.