EXCERPT from SAVING YOU SAVING ME (YOU & ME Trilogy) – Releases April 16, 2012

I wanted to share the first paragraph of the Prologue from my YA/New Adult Contemporary Romance – SAVING YOU SAVING ME, due out in April for eBook and Paperback, Pre-order of Paperback available through Amazon.com.

It introduces Samanatha (Sam) Sullivan, a high school senior, seemingly mature for her age, who becomes a peer counselor at a Young Adult and Teen Call Center. While there, she receives a call from a mysterious, sexy, and deeply troubled young man who goes by the name “Daggers”. As she peels the layers of Daggers to get to his problems, her own past and problems surface spinning her into a world she has tried to avoid, a world of chaos and passion, a world only Daggers can help save her from where past, present, and future will collide.



I’m standing here, holding a key, the one Daggers have given me before he left. “It’s the key to my heart,” he had said pressing it into my hands. “You have my heart already, you might as well have everything else,” he said softly as he kissed away my tears. He pulled me in close to his chest and held me tight. “We’ve come a long ways, baby. You and I. But we still have some distance to cover, hurdles to jump, if you want to.” He laughed his soft gentle Daggers laugh that always sent flutters to my stomach. “I’m a many-layered SOB, a real messed up nut job, who others have given up on, yet you…you continue to peel away the layers.” He played with my hair and kissed my forehead. I sighed. My Multi-layered Daggers. Each layer more intriguing than the last, each one bringing me closer to the edge of no return. ~ Sam, Saving You, Saving Me